All Clearinghouse Books

The Clearinghouse offers the following books. All books are available for free viewing or download. You can view our book series on the main books page.

Book CoverAcknowledging Writing Partners, by Laura R. Micciche
Book CoverAdapting the Past to Reimagine Possible Futures: Celebrating and Critiquing WAC at 50, edited by Megan J. Kelly, Heather M. Falconer, Caleb L. González, and Jill Dahlman
Book CoverAlternatives to Grading Student Writing, edited by Stephen Tchudi
Book CoverAmplifying Soundwriting Pedagogies: Integrating Sound into Rhetoric and Writing, edited by Michael J. Faris, Courtney S. Danforth, and Kyle D. Stedman
Book CoverArgument in Composition, by John Ramage, Micheal Callaway, Jennifer Clary-Lemon, and Zachary Waggoner
Book CoverARTiculating: Teaching Writing in a Visual World, edited by Pamela B. Childers, Eric H. Hobson, and Joan A. Mullin
Book CoverBasic Writing, by George Otte and Rebecca Williams Mlynarczyk
Book CoverThe Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship, edited by Michael A. Pemberton and Joyce Kinkead
Book CoverThe Centrality of Style, edited by Mike Duncan and Star Medzerian Vanguri
Book CoverComposing Feminist Interventions: Activism, Engagement, Praxis , edited by Kristine L. Blair and Lee Nickoson
Book CoverContemporary Perspectives on Cognition and Writing, edited by Patricia Portanova, J. Michael Rifenburg, and Duane Roen
Book CoverContingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition, edited by Seth Kahn, William B. Lalicker, and Amy Lynch-Biniek
Book CoverCopy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom, edited by Martine Courant Rife, Shaun Slattery, and Dànielle Nicole DeVoss
Book CoverCritical Transitions: Writing and the Question of Transfer, edited by Chris M. Anson and Jessie L. Moore
Book CoverDiscord and Direction: The Postmodern Writing Program Administrator, edited by Sharon James McGee and Carolyn Handa
Book CoverDiscursos e Identidades en Contextos de Cambio Educativo, edited by Guadalupe López Bonilla and Carmen Pérez Fragoso
Book CoverDiverse Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Writing Across the Curriculum: IWAC at 25, edited by Lesley Erin Bartlett, Sandra L. Tarabochia, Andrea R. Olinger, and Margaret J. Marshall
Book CoverElectronic Communication Across the Curriculum, edited by Donna Reiss, Dickie Selfe, and Art Young
Book CoverEmerging Writing Research from the Middle East-North Africa Region, edited by Lisa R. Arnold, Anne Nebel, and Lynne Ronesi
Book CoverEnglish Across the Curriculum: Voices from Around the World, edited by Bruce Morrison, Julia Chen, Linda Lin, and Alan Urmston
Book CoverThe English Language: From Sound to Sense, by Gerald P. Delahunty and James J. Garvey
Book CoverA Field of Dreams: Independent Writing Programs and the Future of Composition Studies, edited by Peggy O'Neill, Angela Crow, and Larry W. Burton
Book CoverFoundational Practices of Online Writing Instruction, edited by Katherine V. Wills and Rich Rice
Book CoverGenre Across the Curriculum, edited by Anne Herrington and Charles Moran
Book CoverGenre in a Changing World, edited by Charles Bazerman, Adair Bonini, and Débora Figueiredo
Book CoverGraduate Writing Across the Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting, edited by Marilee Brooks-Gillies, Elena G. Garcia, Soo Hyon Kim, Katie Manthey, and Trixie G. Smith
Book CoverHow Writing Shapes Thinking: A Study of Teaching and Learning, by Judith A. Langer and Arthur N. Applebee
Book CoverIn the Long Run: A Study of Faculty in Three Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs, by Barbara E. Walvoord, Linda Lawrence Hunt, H. FiI Dowling Jr., and Joan D. McMahon
Book CoverInformation Literacy: Research and Collaboration across Disciplines, edited by Barbara J. D'Angelo, Sandra Jamieson, Barry Maid, and Janice R. Walker
Book CoverInnovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication, edited by Tracy Bridgeford, Karla Saari Kitalong, and Dickie Selfe
Book CoverInstitutional Ethnography as Writing Studies Practice, edited by Michelle LaFrance and Melissa Nicolas
Book CoverInternational Advances in Writing Research: Cultures, Places, Measures, edited by Charles Bazerman, Chris Dean, Jessica Early, Karen Lunsford, Suzie Null, Paul Rogers, and Amanda Stansell
Book CoverKeywords in Creative Writing, edited by Wendy Bishop and David Starkey
Book CoverKeywords in Technical and Professional Communication, edited by Han Yu and Jonathan Buehl
Book CoverLectura y Escritura para la Investigacion, edited by Adriana Bolívar and Rebecca Beke
Book CoverLectura, Escritura y Matemáticas como Prácticas Sociales, edited by Judith Kalman and Brian V. Street
Book CoverLeer y Escribir en la Universidad, edited by Paula Carlino
Book CoverThe Lifespan Development of Writing, by Charles Bazerman et al.
Book CoverMachine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences, edited by Patricia Freitag Ericsson and Richard H. Haswell
Book CoverA Minefield of Dreams: Triumphs and Travails of Independent Writing Programs, edited by Justin Everett and Cristina Hanganu-Bresch
Book CoverNegotiating the Intersections of Writing and Writing Instruction, edited by Magnus Gustafsson and Andreas Eriksson
Book CoverNoise from the Writing Center, by Elizabeth H. Boquet
Book CoverOn Location: Theory and Practice in Classroom-Based Writing Tutoring, edited by Candace Spigelman and Laurie Grobman
Book CoverOrganic Writing Assessment: Dynamic Criteria Mapping in Action, by Bob Broad, Linda Adler-Kassner, Barry Alford, Jane Detweiler, Heidi Estrem, Susanmarie Harrington, Maureen McBride, Eric Stalions, and Scott Weeden
Book Cover¿Para Qué se Lee y se Escribe en la Universidad Colombiana?, Edited by Mauricio Pérez-Abril and Gloria Rincón Bonilla
Book CoverPassions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies, edited by Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe
Book CoverPerforming Antiracist Pedagogy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication, edited by Frankie Condon and Vershawn Ashanti Young
Book CoverPostprocess Postmortem, by Kristopher M. Lotier
Book CoverProceedings of the Computers and Writing Annual Conference, 2016 & 2017, edited by Cheryl E. Ball, Chen Chen, Kristopher Purzycki, and Lydia Wilkes
Book CoverProceedings of the Computers and Writing Annual Conference, 2018, edited by by Chen Chen, Kristopher Purzycki, and Lydia Wilkes
Book CoverProceedings of the Computers and Writing Annual Conference, 2022, edited by Christopher D. M. Andews, Chen Chen, and Lydia Wilkes
Book CoverProceedings of the Computers and Writing Annual Conference, 2023, edited by Christopher D. M. Andews, Chen Chen, and Lydia Wilkes
Book CoverPrograms and Practices: Writing Across the Secondary School Curriculum, edited by Pamela B. Farrell-Childers, Anne Ruggles Gere, and Art Young
Book CoverRace, Rhetoric, and Research Methods, by Alexandria L. Lockett, Iris D. Ruiz, James Chase Sanchez, and Christopher Carter
Reconnecting Reading and WritingReconnecting Reading and Writing, edited by Alice S. Horning and Elizabeth W. Kraemer
Book CoverReference Guide to Writing Across the Curriculum, by Charles Bazerman, Joseph Little, Lisa Bethel, Teri Chavkin, Danielle Fouquette, and Janet Garufis
Book CoverRe-imagining Doctoral Writing, edited by Cecile Badenhorst, Brittany Amell, and James Burford
Book CoverRecollections from an Uncommon Time: 4C20 Documentarian Tales, edited by Julie Lindquist, Bree Straayer, and Bump Halbritter
Book CoverResearch on Writing: Multiple Perspectives, edited by Sylvie Plane et al.
Book CoverRethinking Peer Review: Critical Reflections on a Pedagogical Practice, edited by Phoebe Jackson and Christopher Weaver
Book CoverRevision: History, Theory, and Practice, edited by Alice Horning and Anne Becker
Book CoverRewriting Work, edited by Lora Anderson
Book CoverThe Rhetorical Dimensions of Cyberspace, edited by Beth Baldwin and Tim Flood
Book CoverSituating Portfolios: Four Perspectives, edited by Kathleen Blake Yancey and Irwin Weiser
Book CoverSituating Writing Processes, by Hannah J. Rule
Book CoverSocial Writing/Social Media: Publics, Presentations, and Pedagogies, edited by Douglas M. Walls and Stephanie Vie
Book CoverStandards for the Assessment of Reading and Writing, Revised Edition, by the Joint Task Force on Assessment of the IRA and the NCTE
Book CoverText at Scale: Corpus Analysis in Technical Communication, by Stephen Carradini and Jason Swarts
Book CoverThreshold Conscripts: Rhetoric and Composition Teaching Assistantships, edited by William J. Macauley, Jr., Leslie R. Anglesey, Brady Edwards, Kathryn M. Lambrecht, and Phillip K. Lovas
Book CoverTranslingual Dispositions: Globalized Approaches to the Teaching of Writing, edited by Alanna Frost, Julia Kiernan, and Suzanne Blum Malley
Book CoverTry This: Research Methods for Writers, by Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Derek Mueller, and Kate Pantelides
Book CoverTwo WPA Pioneers: Ednah Shepherd Thomas and Joyce Steward, edited by Susan H. McLeod, David Stock, and Bradley T. Hughes
Book CoverUser Experience as Innovative Academic Practice, edited by Kate Crane and Kelli Cargile Cook
Book CoverWAC for the New Millennium: Strategies for Continuing Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Programs, edited by Susan H. McLeod, Eric Miraglia, Margot Soven, and Christopher Thaiss
Book CoverWAC Partnerships Between Secondary and Postsecondary Institutions, edited by Jacob S. Blumner and Pamela B. Childers
Book CoverWhat Is "College-Level" Writing?, edited by Patrick Sullivan and Howard Tinberg
Book CoverWhat Is College Reading?, edited by Alice S. Horning, Deborah-Lee Gollnitz, and Cynthia R. Haller
Book CoverWho Owns This Text? Plagiarism, Authorship, and Disciplinary Cultures, edited by Carol Petersen Haviland and Joan A. Mullin
Book CoverWiring the Writing Center, edited by Eric H. Hobson
Book CoverWorking With Academic Literacies: Case Studies Towards Transformative Practice, edited by Theresa Lillis, Kathy Harrington, Mary R. Lea, and Sally Mitchell
Book CoverWriting Across the Curriculum: A Guide to Developing Programs, edited by Susan H. McLeod and Margot Soven
Book CoverWriting Assessment, Social Justice, and the Advancement of Opportunity, edited by Mya Poe, Asao B. Inoue, and Norbert Elliot
Book CoverWriting as a Human Activity: Implications and Applications of the Work of Charles Bazerman, edited by Paul M. Rogers, David R. Russell, Paula Carlino, and Jonathan M. Marine
Book CoverWriting In and About the Performing and Visual Arts: Creating, Performing, and Teaching, edited by Steven J. Corbett, Jennifer Lin LeMesurier, Teagan E. Decker, and Betsy Cooper
Book CoverWriting in Knowledge Societies, by Doreen Starke-Meyerring, Anthony Paré, Natasha Artemeva, Miriam Horne, and Larissa Yousoubova
Book CoverWriting in the Arts and Sciences, by Elaine P. Maimon, Gerald L. Belcher, Gail W. Hearn, Barbara F. Nodine, and Finbarr W. O'Connor
Book CoverWriting Knowledge Transfer: Theory, Research, Pedagogy, by Rebecca S. Nowacek, Rebecca Lorimer Leonard, and Angela Rounsaville
Book CoverWriting Pathways to Student Success, edited by Lillian Craton, Renée Love, and Sean Barnette
Book CoverWriting Program Administration, by Susan H. McLeod
Book CoverWriting Programs Worldwide: Profiles of Academic Writing in Many Places, edited by Chris Thaiss, Gerd Bräuer, Paula Carlino, Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams, and Aparna Sinha
Book CoverWriting Selves/Writing Societies, edited by Charles Bazerman and David R. Russell
Book CoverWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 1, edited by Charles Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky
Book CoverWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 2, edited by Charles Lowe and Pavel Zemliansky
Book CoverWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 3, edited by Dana Driscoll, Mary Stewart, and Matthew Vetter
Book CoverWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 4, edited by Dana Driscoll, Megan Heise, Mary Stewart, and Matthew Vetter
Book CoverWriting Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 5, edited by Trace Daniels-Lerberg, Dana Driscoll, Mary K. Stewart, and Matthew Vetter
Book CoverThe Writing Studio Sampler: Stories About Change, edited by Mark Sutton and Sally Chandler