TextGenEd: Continuing Experiments

Edited by Carly Schnitzler, Annette Vee, and Tim Laquintano

The work of teaching writing is a constant process of experimentation, revision, and collaboration, particularly when teaching with technologies that shift and evolve quickly. Continuing Experiments is a sustained response to the constant change that is built into teaching writing with text generation technologies. Here, we publish semi-annual addendums to TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies (Eds. Vee, Laquintano, Schnitzler), a collection of early experiments in pedagogy with generative text technology, including but not limited to AI, that was published by the WAC Clearinghouse in August 2023. These assignments undergo an editorial review process, through which we aim to showcase some of the thoughtful, of-the-moment experimentation happening in writing-intensive classrooms across disciplines.

January 2024

A little over four months after the publication of TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies, we're thrilled to highlight another 16 open-access assignments that enable teachers to integrate text generation technologies into their courses and respond to this crucial moment.

CFP: Continuing Experiments in Teaching with Text Generation Technologies

Call for submissions for continuing experiments in teaching with text generation technologies, with submission guidelines, instructions, and a link to the submission form itself.

Link: Submit Continuing Experiments Here

Follow this link to the Google form where you can submit your continuing experiment with text generation technologies.