Machine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences

  • writing assessment, technology, higher education, WAC

Edited by Patricia Freitag Ericsson and Richard H. Haswell

CoverThe current trend toward machine-scoring of student work, Ericsson and Haswell argue, has created an emerging issue with implications for higher education across the disciplines, but with particular importance for those in English departments and in administration. The academic community has been silent on the issue—some would say excluded from it—while the commercial entities who develop essay-scoring software have been very active. Machine Scoring of Student Essays is the first volume to seriously consider the educational mechanisms and consequences of this trend, and it offers important discussions from some of the leading scholars in writing assessment.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

Introduction, Patricia Freitag Ericsson and Richard H. Haswell

Chapter 1. Interested Complicities: The Dialectic of Computer-Assisted Writing Assessment, Ken S. McAllister and Edward M. White

Chapter 2. The Meaning of Meaning: Is a Paragraph More than an Equation? Patricia Freitag Ericsson

Chapter 3. Can’t Touch This: Reflections on the Servitude of Computers as Readers, Chris M. Anson

Chapter 4. Automatons and Automated Scoring: Drudges, Black Boxes, and Dei Ex Machina, Richard H. Haswell

Chapter 5. Taking a Spin on the Intelligent Essay Assessor, Tim McGee

Chapter 6. ACCUPLACER’s Essay-Scoring Technology: When Reliability Does Not Equal Validity, Edmund Jones

Chapter 7. WritePlacer Plus in Place: An Exploratory Case Study, Anne Herrington and Charles Moran

Chapter 8. E-Write as a Means for Placement into Three Composition Courses: A Pilot Study, Richard N. Matzen Jr. and Colleen Sorensen

Chapter 9. Computerized Writing Assessment: Community College Faculty Find Reasons to Say “Not Yet”, William W. Ziegler

Chapter 10. Piloting the COMPASS E-Write Software at Jackson State Community College, Teri T. Maddox

Chapter 11. The Role of the Writing Coordinator in a Culture of Placement by ACCUPLACER, Gail S. Corso

Chapter 12. Always Already: Automated Essay Scoring and Grammar-Checkers in College Writing Courses, Carl Whithaus

Chapter 13. Automated Essay Grading in the Sociology Classroom: Finding Common Ground, Edward Brent and Martha Townsend

Chapter 14. Automated Writing Instruction: Computer-Assisted or Computer-Driven Pedagogies? Beth Ann Rothermel

Chapter 15. Why Less Is Not More: What We Lose by Letting a Computer Score Writing Samples, William Condon

Chapter 16. More Work for Teacher? Possible Futures of Teaching Writing in the Age of Computerized Writing Assessment, Bob Broad

Chapter 17. A Bibliography of Machine Scoring of Student Writing, 1962–2005, Richard H. Haswell






Publication Information: Ericsson, Patricia Freitag, & Richard H, Haswell (Eds.). (2006). Machine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences. Utah State University Press.

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