CompPile allows ready reference to the published scholarship in post-secondary composition and rhetoric from 1939 to the present. Its coverage of work from 1939 to 1999 is especially comprehensive. This online, searchable inventory is open for researchers,  teachers, and anybody else interested. We continue to offer CompPile in the spirit of free research and scholarship. Use of this bibliography for profit, however, requires our permission.

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CompPile focuses on post-secondary writing (not speaking or conversing). It integrates journal articles, review-essays, notes and comments, books, dissertations, ERIC items, and edited collections. It does not systematically cover textbooks, how-to books, conference notices, editor's forwards, or reviews of single works.

—Rich Haswell (bibliography 1939-1999)
—Glenn Blalock and Susan Murphy (bibliography 2000-current & site)

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