Wiring the Writing Center

  • writing center, technology, collaboration, composition studies, writing program, online writing instruction

Edited by Eric H. Hobson

CoverAs computers have brought important developments to composition studies, writing centers have found themselves creating and improvising applications for their own work and often for the writing programs and institutions in which they live. Online tutorials, websites with an array of downloadable resources for students, scheduling and email possibilities--all of these are becoming common-place among writing centers across the country. However, in spite of impressive work by individual centers, exchange on these topics between and among writing centers has been sporadic. As more writing centers approach getting "wired" and others continue to upgrade, the need for communication and collaboration becomes ever more obvious, and so does the need to understand theoretical implications of choices made.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter


Introduction. Straddling the Virtual Fence, Eric H. Hobson

Part I: Models and Strategies for Wired Writing Centers

Chapter 1. The Look and Feel of the OWL Conference, Barbara Monroe

Chapter 2. Email “Tutoring” as Collaborative Writing, David Coogan

Chapter 3. Reflection and Responsibility in (Cyber) Tutor Training: Seeing Ourselves Clearly on and off the Screen, Rebecca Rickly

Chapter 4. WAC on the Web: Writing Center Outreach to Teachers of Writing Intensive Courses, Sara Kimball

Chapter 5. Have You Visited Your Online Writing Center Today? Learning,Writing, and Teaching Online at a Community College, Clinton Gardner

Chapter 6. The Other WWW: Using Intranets to Reconfigure the Who, When and Where of Network Supported Writing Instruction, Kurt P. Kearcher

Chapter 7. Wiring a Usable Center: Usability Research and Writing Center Practice, Stuart Blythe

Part II: Critical Assessments of Wired Writing Centers

Chapter 8. Drill Pads, Teaching Machines, and Programmed Texts: Origins of Instructional Technology in Writing Centers, Neal Lerner

Chapter 9. Virtual High School Writing Centers: A Spectrum of Possibilities, Pamela B. Childers, Jeannette Jordan, and James K. Upton

Chapter 10. The Community College Mission and the Electronic Writing Center, Ellen Mohr

Chapter 11. Random Memories of the Virtual Writing Center: The Modes-to-Nodes Problem, Ray Wallace

Chapter 12. Computers in the Writing Center: A Cautionary History, Peter Carino

Part III: Resources for Wired Writing Centers

Chapter 13. UnfURLed: 20 Writing Center Sites to Visit on the Information Highway, Bruce Pegg

Chapter 14. Computers and Writing Centers: An Annotated Bibliography, Steve Sherwood

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