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The WAC Clearinghouse is a publishing collaborative that relies on a large, distributed network of scholars who work together to publish our books and journals, manage our resources, and develop and maintain our website. Because of their dedicated efforts, our production costs are typically less than ten percent of the costs borne by the average scholarly press. Nonetheless, providing access to our website and publications still requires some expenditures. Those costs include payments for professional copyediting, costs associated with book design, charges for ISBN numbers and DOI registration, and software and equipment expenses.

Individuals and groups can support the Clearinghouse through donations and sustaining contributions. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax-deductibility of your gift. Educational institutions and other organizations can support the Clearinghouse through sponsorships. 

Make a Donation

Donations may be made to the WAC Clearinghouse fund at the Colorado State University Foundation. As a contributor to the Clearinghouse, your name will be listed on this page. Donations made in tribute to a colleague, friend, or family member will be noted. If you have any questions, please contact CSU Advancement at

To Donate Online

You can donate online by visiting

To Donate By Check

Please make checks payable to the Colorado State University Foundation and designate "WAC Clearinghouse Digital Publishing Initiatives - Fund 61013." Checks should be mailed to:

Colorado State University Foundation
P. O. Box 1870
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522

Become a Sustaining Contributor

Become a sustaining contributor by visiting To set up your monthly donation:

  • Choose the amount you wish to donate each month
  • Choose the amount of time you wish to continue to donate (e.g., ongoing or for a single year)

Sponsor the Clearinghouse

Sponsors are recognized on this page. To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Mike Palmquist at Three types of sponsorships are available:

  • Institutional sponsorships are typically made by academic departments, independent writing programs, and WAC programs. Contributions vary, but suggested sponsorship levels range from $1,000 to $5,000 annually. Sponsors receive free or reduced-cost  access to Clearinghouse consultants and invitations to gatherings at conferences.
  • Organizational sponsorships are typically made by corporations or professional organizations. Organizational sponsors enjoy the same benefits as institutional sponsors.
  • Conference sponsorships are typically made by conferences that seek to publish proceedings in book form. Contributions range from $2,500 to $5,000 for a given year.  

Our Contributors

Gold: $1,000 and Above
Charles Bazerman
Julia Chen
. . . in tribute to Terry Myers Zawacki, Marty Townsend, and Mike Palmquist
William S. Hochman
Seth Kahn
Susan H. McLeod
Mike and Jessica Palmquist
Page Jones Richards Family Foundation
Blue: Sustaining Contributors
Lisa Arnold
Pam and Malcolm Childers
Danielle Nicole DeVoss
Bradley Dilger
Kay Halasek
Lyra Hilliard
Neal Lerner
Barry Maid
David Russell
John and Clara Scenters-Zapico
Chris and Jean Thaiss
Susan Thomas
Marty Townsend
. . . in memory of Winifred Bryan Horner
Terry Myers Zawacki and Bob Zawacki
Green: Up to $1,000
Sarah Agnihotri
Sonja Andrus and Daniel Sansing
Chris and Gean Anson
Charlotte Asmuth
Cheryl Ball
William Banks
Christopher Basgier
Todd Battistelli
Diane Beltran
. . . in honor of Howard Tinberg
Stephen and Midge Bernhardt
Michael Black
Glenn Blalock
Jessie Borgman
Laura Brady
Michael Burke
Lauren Cagle
Kathleen Shine Cain
Becky Caouette
Stephen and Barbara Carradini
Chen Chen
Maggie Christensen
. . . in honor of Nora Bacon
Kelli Cargile Cook
Michelle and Matthew Cox
Loren W. Crabtree and Monica S. Christen
MaryAnn K. Crawford
David Cregar
Angela Crow
Matthew Davis
Michael and Takako Day
Thomas Deans
Mary Ann and John Dellinger
Marvin Diogenes
Sue and Bill Doe
William Duffy
Patricia Dunn
Malcah Effron
John Eliason
Eli Review
Kimberly Emmons and William Claspy
Patricia Ericsson
Karin Evans
Heather Falconer
Jenn Fishman
Pamela Flash
Katherine S. Flowers
Fountainhead Press
Jessica Fraser
Jeff Galin
Anne and Breewster Gere
Jill Gladstein
Christy D. Goldsmith
. . . in tribute to Marty Townsend
Nelson Graff
Mara Lee Grayson
Steffen Guenzel
Magnus Gustafsson
Susanne Hall
Lindsey Harding
Michael Harker
Heidi Harris
D. Alexis Hart
. . . in honor of Mike Palmquist
Justin Hayes
Brian Hendrickson
Doug Hesse
Linda Hirsch
Sue Hum
Kathy Ivey
Kathleen Klompien
. . . in honor of Alice Roy
Barbara L'Eplattenier
Denise Landrum-Geyer
Susan Lang
Amy and John Lannin
Christina LaVecchia
Susan Lawrence
. . . in honor of Terry Myers Zawacki
Eric Leake
Tim Lockridge and Libby Anthony
Jayme and Steven Long
Bill Macauley and Debi Stears
Maureen Mathison
Brian McNely
Lisa Melonçon
. . . in tribute to Mary Beth Debs
Dan Melzer
Susan Mendelsohn
Neil Meyer
Michael and Shelagh Michaud
Meg Mikovits
Kerri Morris
Joan Mullin
Lee Nickoson
Carolyn Ostrander
C. Paraskevas
Hope Parisi
Paul Pasquaretta
Karen Peirce
Michael Pemberton
Brad Queen
Quinnipiac University
Nupoor Ranade
Christian Rapp
Tom Reynolds
Alisa and Christopher Russell
Barbara Schneider
Martha Schaffer
Mary Lourdes Silva
. . . in memory of Philomena Silva
Naomi Silver
Jennifer Grouling Snider
Glen and Trisha Southergill
. . . in honor of Victor Vitanza
Laura and Edmond Squires
Jennifer Staben
Kyle Stedman
Mary Stewart
Jerry Stinnett
Tom Sura
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Patrick Thomas
Lee Torda and Marino Fernandes
Zoe Vercelli
Kim Voss
Aleashia Walton
Amy Wan
Andrea Williams
Bronwyn Williams
Lacey Wootton
Renee Wright
Art Young and Donna Reiss
Erin Zimmerman