Above The Well: An Antiracist Argument From a Boy of Color

By Asao B. Inoue
Copy edited by Karen P. Peirce. Designed by Mike Palmquist.

CoverIn Above The Well, Asao Inoue explores race, language, and literacy education through a combination of scholarship, personal history, and even a bit of fiction. Inoue comes to terms with his own languaging practices in his upbringing and schooling, while also arguing that there are racist aspects to English language standards promoted in schools and civic life. His discussion includes the ways students and everyone in society are judged by and through tacit racialized languaging, which he labels White language supremacy and which he argues contributes to racialized violence in the world today. Inoue’s exploration ranges across a wide array of topics: his experiences as a child playing Dungeons and Dragons with his twin brother; considerations of Taoist and Western dialectical logics; the economics of race and place; tacit language race wars waged in classrooms with style guides like Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style; and the damage done by Horatio Alger narratives to people of color.

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Table of Contents


An Introduction

Chapter 0. Language, Politics, and Habits

Chapter 1. Literacy is (Not) Liberation

Chapter 2. The Yin-Yang of Literacy

Chapter 3. Racializing Language and Standards

Chapter 4. Race-Judgements and the Tacit Language War

Chapter 5. The While Language Supremacy in Judgements of Intelligence and Standards

Chapter 6. The Economics of Racism

Chapter 7. A languageling of Color

Chapter 8. Unsustainable Whiteness

Chapter 9. Naming

Chapter 10. Ain’t No Horatio Alger Story

Chapter 11. Another Ending, Or Let Me Say This Another Way

Appendix. An Argument and Method for Deep Attentive Reading

About the Author

Asao B. Inoue is Professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. His research focuses on antiracist and social justice theory and practices in writing assessments. He is the 2019 Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, and he has been a past member of the CCCC Executive Committee and the Executive Board of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. Among his many articles and chapters on writing assessment, race, and racism, his article, “Theorizing Failure in U.S. Writing Assessments,” in Research in the Teaching of English won the 2014 CWPA Outstanding Scholarship Award. His co-edited collection, Race and Writing Assessment (2012), won the 2014 NCTE/CCCC Outstanding Book Award for an edited collection. His book, Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing for a Socially Just Future (2015), won the 2017 NCTE/CCCC Outstanding Book Award for a monograph and the 2015 CWPA Outstanding Book Award. He also has published a co-edited collection, Writing Assessment, Social Justice, and The Advancement of Opportunity (2018), and Labor-Based Grading Contracts: Building Equity and Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom (2019). In 2021, he is publishing a serialized blogbook on his website (www.asaobinoue.com), What It Means To Be An Antiracist Teacher: Cultivating Antiracist Orientations in The Literacy Classroom.

Publication Information: Inoue, Asao B. (2021). Above The Well: An Antiracist Argument From a Boy of Color. The WAC Clearinghouse; Utah State University Press. 10.37514/PER-B.2021.1244

Print Publication Date: July 9, 2021
Web Publication Date: Pending

ISBN: 978-1-64642-224-1 (pbk.) 978-1-64642-237-1 (ebook)
DOI: 10.37514/PER-B.2021.1244

Contact Information:
Asao B. Inoue: asao@asu.edu

Perspectives on Writing

Series Editors: Rich Rice, Texas Tech University; Heather MacNeill Falconer, University of Maine; and J. Michael Rifenburg, University of North Georgia

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