The Lifespan Development of Writing

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By Charles Bazerman, Arthur N. Applebee, Virginia W. Berninger, Deborah Brandt, Steve Graham, Jill V. Jeffery, Paul Kei Matsuda, Sandra Murphy, Deborah Wells Rowe, Mary Schleppegrell, and Kristen Campbell Wilcox

CoverAlthough writing begins early in life and can develop well into adulthood, we know too little about how writing develops before, during, and after schooling, as well as too little about how an individual's writing experiences relate to one another developmentally across the lifespan. This book presents the results of a four-year project to synthesize the research on writing development at different ages from multiple, crossdisciplinary perspectives, including psychological, linguistic, sociocultural, and curricular.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter


I The Project

1 Introduction

2 Toward an Understanding of Writing Development across the Lifespan

II Perspectives on Lifespan Writing Development

3 Writing Development in Early Childhood, Deborah Wells Rowe

4 Linguistic Features of Writing Development: A Functional Perspective, Mary Schleppegrell and Frances Christie

5 Multiple Perspectives on the Nature of Writing: Typically Developing Writers in Grades 1, 3, 5, and 7 and Students with Writing Disabilities in Grades 4 to 9, Virginia W. Berninger, Kira Geselowitz, and Peter Wallis

6 Adolescent Writing Development and Authorial Agency, Kristen Campbell Wilcox and Jill V. Jeffery

7 "The Faraway Stick Cannot Kill the Nearby Snake", Sandra Murphy and Mary Ann Smith

8 Writing Development and Life-Course Development: The Case of Working Adults, Deborah Brandt

9 A Writer(s)-within-Community Model of Writing, Steve Graham

10 Lifespan Longitudinal Studies of Writing Development: A Heuristic for an Impossible Dream, Charles Bazerman

III Final Thoughts

11 The Challenges of Understanding Developmental Trajectories and of Designing Developmentally Appropriate Policy, Curricula, Instruction, and Assessments




Publication Information: Charles Bazerman, Arthur N., Applebee, Virginia W., Berninger, Deborah, Brandt, Steve, Graham, Jill V., Jeffery, Paul Kei, Matsuda, Sandra, Murphy, Deborah Wells, Rowe, Mary, Schleppegrell, & Kristen Campbell, Wilcox. (2018). The Lifespan Development of Writing. National Council of Teachers of English.

Publication Date: 2018


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