WLN Digital Edited Collections

Series Editors: Karen Gabrielle Johnson, Shippensburg University, and Julia Bleakney, Elon University

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship offers open-access digital edited collections focused on topics relevant to the field of writing center studies. These multimodal texts, which are rich with graphics, links to sources, videos, and teaching resources, extend learning beyond printed texts. In addition to its enhanced ability to engage and educate readers, this digital scholarship is accessible to international audiences and easily shareable through digital links.

Books in the Series

Book CoverThe Post-Pandemic Writing Center

Edited by Sarah Rice, John Katunich, and Noreen Lape

The fourth digital-edited collection presents ten chapters that document writing center life during the COVID-19 pandemic and convey the sustainable innovations and insights spawned by the pandemic. Written by administrators and tutors, both graduate and undergraduate, these essays speak to a unique moment in writing center history even as they offer forward-looking practices and pedagogies for writing center work. ... More

Book CoverWellness and Care in Writing Center Work

Edited By Genie Nicole Giaimo
Editorial Assistant, Nicole Pollack

Wellness and Care in Writing Center Work, an open-access collection edited by Genie Giaimo, features a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary set of pedagogical and scholarly chapters on wellness that engage with current research in writing center studies, as well as in other fields such as psychology, education, critical race studies, queer studies, feminist studies, and sociology. Emerging voices demand the need for more systemic and anti-racist wellness and care programs and practices—for writing center workers and writers alike—and provide guidance for writing center practitioners to implement and assess different kinds of wellness programs in their writing centers. ... More

Book CoverTransfer of Learning in the Writing Center

Edited by Bonnie Devet and Dana Lynn Driscoll
Digital Editor: Jialei Jiang

WLN's second DEC focuses on transfer of learning in the writing center, presenting seven chapters from writing center scholars. The scholars analyze the state of transfer scholarship for writing center practitioners and describe both the theory and training necessary to support transfer in the center. ... More

Book CoverHow We Teach Writing Tutors

Edited by Karen Gabrielle Johnson and Ted Roggenbuck
Digital Editor: Crystal Conzo

WLN's first DEC compiles 18 chapters related to the education of tutors from writing center scholars and professionals. Authors represent many universities and models of writing centers including online centers, undergraduate peer centers, multiliteracy centers, speaking and writing centers, and more. Chapters present theoretical frameworks, praxis, and empirical studies related to the important work of preparing writing tutors. ... More

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The WLN Digital Edited Collections series offers books in free digital editions. Books are offered through varying Creative Commons licenses. Copyright is held by the author(s) or editor(s) of the books. Our goal is to make work available to the widest possible audience while maintaining the highest standards in scholarly publishing. We welcome contributions to the series and to the larger goal of supporting open-access scholarly publishing. If you have questions about the goals of the larger WAC Clearinghouse project, please contact Mike Palmquist at Mike.Palmquist@ColoState.edu.