Strengthening Programs for Writing Across the Curriculum

Edited by Susan H. McLeod
Edited for digital presentation by Nicole Ashton

CoverThis collection of thoughtful, thoroughly grounded essays explores the design of writing-across-the-curriculum programs in new and maturing programs. The collection also contains an appendix listing the results of the first comprehensive survey of writing-across-the-curriculum programs in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Table of Contents

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Publication Information and Table of Contents (65K)

Foreword, by C. W. Griffin (27K)

Editor's Notes, by Susan H. McLeod (35K)

Translating Enthusiasm into Curricular Change, by Susan H. McLeod (96K)

Beyond the First Workshop: What Eslse Can You Do to Help Faculty?, by Margo Soven (98K)

Writing Across the Curriculum in Community Colleges, by Barbara R. Stout and Joyce N. Magnotto (117K)

Writing Across the Curriculum at Research Universities, by Ellen Strenski (119K)

School and University Articulation: Different Contexts for Writing Across the Curriculum, by Mary A. Barr and Mary K. Healy (142K)

Continuing Funding, Coping with Less, by Keith A. Tandy (78K)

Evaluating Writing Across the Curriculum Programs, by Toby Fulwiler (165K)

Models for Collaborative Research in Writing Across the Curriculum, by Lucille Parkinson McCarthy and Barbara E. Walvoord (145K)

The Future of Writing Across the Curriculum, by Christopher Thaiss (145K)

Appendix: National Survey of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs, Conducted by Susan H. McLeod and compiled by Susan Shirley (453K)

Index (124K)

Publication Information: McLeod, Susan H. (Ed.) (2000). Strengthening Programs for Writing Across the Curriculum. WAC Clearinghouse Landmark Publications in Writing Studies. The WAC Clearinghouse. (Originally published in 1988 by Jossey-Bass)

Publication Date: March 19, 2002

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