The Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship

  • writing center, writing research, higher education

Edited by Michael A. Pemberton and Joyce Kinkead

CoverIn The Center Will Hold, Pemberton and Kinkead have compiled a major volume of essays on the signal issues of scholarship that have established the writing center field and that the field must successfully address in the coming decade. The new century opens with new institutional, demographic, and financial challenges, and writing centers, in order to hold and extend their contribution to research, teaching, and service, must continuously engage those challenges. Appropriately, the editors offer the work of Muriel Harris as a key pivot point in the emergence of writing centers as sites of pedagogy and research. The volume develops themes that Harris first brought to the field, and contributors here offer explicit recognition of the role that Harris has played in the development of writing center theory and practice. But they also use her work as a springboard from which to provide reflective, descriptive, and predictive looks at the field.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter


Introduction: Benchmarks in Writing Center Scholarship, Michael A. Pemberton and Joyce Kinkead

Chapter 1. The Writing Lab Newsletter as History: Tracing the Growth of a Scholarly Community, Michael A. Pemberton

Chapter 2. In the Spirit of Service: Making Writing Center Research a “Featured Character”, Nancy M. Grimm

Chapter 3. Writing Center Assessment: Searching for the “Proof" of Our Effectiveness, Neal Lerner

Chapter 4. Separation, Initiation and Return: Tutor Training Manuals and Writing Center Lore, Harvey Kail

Chapter 5. Power and Authority in Peer Tutoring, Peter Carino

Chapter 6. Breathing Lessons, or Collaboration Is, Michele Eodice

Chapter 7. (Re)shaping the Profession: Graduate Courses in Writing Center Theory, Practice, and Administration, Rebecca Jackson, Carrie Leverenz, and Joe Law

Chapter 8. Administration across the Curriculum: Or Practicing What We Preach, Josephine A. Koster

Chapter 9. An Ideal Writing Center: Re-Imagining Space and Design, Leslie Hadfield, Joyce Kinkead, Tom Peterson, Stephanie H. Ray, and Sarah S. Preston

Chapter 10. Mentoring in Electronic Spaces: Using Resources to Sustain Relationships, James A. Inman and Donna N. Sewell





Publication Information: Pemberton, Michael A., & Joyce, Kinkead (Eds.). (2003). The Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship. Utah State University Press.

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