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View our list of open-access textbooks--including those on the Clearinghouse and elsewhere. We also provide a list of books that address key teaching and learning issues.

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View our list of Conference Proceedings, including the recently released proceedings for the Computers & Writing Conference and the conference archives for the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference.

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The WAC Clearinghouse provides access to the following books and books series. To date, more than 125 books are available on this site and additional books are in production. All books are available for free viewing and/or download. Many are also available in low-cost print editions. View our book series below. View a complete listing of our books in our catalog.

Recent Releases

Book Cover: Transient Literacies
Book Cover: Lifespan Writing
Book Cover: Translingual Dispositions
Book Cover: Proceedings of the Computers and Writing Annual Conference, 2019
Book Cover: Graduate Writing Across the Disciplines: Identifying, Teaching, and Supporting
Book Cover: Stories from First-Year Composition: Pedagogies that Foster Student Agency and Writing Identity
Book Cover: Diverse Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Writing Across the Curriculum: IWAC at 25
Book Cover: Sexual Harassment and Cultural Change in Writing Studies
Book Cover: Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 3
Book Cover: Conocer la Escritura | Knowing Writing
Book Cover: Talk, Tools, and Texts

Clearinghouse Books Series

Perspectives on Writing

The Perspectives on Writing series addresses writing studies in a broad sense. Consistent with the wide-ranging approaches characteristic of teaching and scholarship in writing across the curriculum, the series presents works that take divergent perspectives on working as a writer, teaching writing, administering writing programs, and studying writing in its various forms.

Across the Disciplines Books

The Across the Disciplines Books series publishes scholarly texts that explore language and discourse practices within and across disciplinary boundaries using diverse methodologies and theoretical approaches.  While some volumes in the series are linked to themed issues of the online, open access, peer reviewed journal Across the Disciplines (ATD), ATD Books shares the broader mission of the WAC Clearinghouse, publishing works relevant to writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, and interdisciplinary communication.

International Exchanges on the Study of Writing

The International Exchanges on the Study of Writing Series publishes book-length manuscripts that address worldwide perspectives on writing, writers, teaching with writing, and scholarly writing practices, specifically those that draw on scholarship across national and disciplinary borders to challenge parochial understandings of all of the above. 

International Exchanges: Latin America Section

The Latin America Section of the International Exchanges on the Study of Writing book series publishes peer-reviewed books about writing, writers, teaching with writing, and scholarly writing practices from Latin American perspectives. It also offers re-editions of recognized peer-reviewed books originally published in the region. 

Practices & Possibilities

The Practices & Possibilities Series addresses the full range of practices within the field of writing studies, including instructional practices, research methodologies, and professional practices. The books in this series explore issues and ideas of interest to writers, teachers, researchers, and theorists who share an interest in improving existing practices and exploring new possibilities.


The #writing Series publishes open-access and print books in digital rhetoric, new media studies, digital humanities, techno-pedagogy, and similar areas of interest. The series focuses on single- or co-authored monographs that address themes, methodologies, and/or pedagogies in these areas. 

Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition

The books in this series, edited by Charles Bazerman, Anis Bawarshi, and Mary Jo Reiff, and published jointly with Parlor Press, provide compact, comprehensive and convenient surveys of what has been learned through research and practice as composition has emerged as an academic discipline over the last half century. 

Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication

The Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication series publishes work that is necessary as a base for the field of technical and professional communication (TPC), addresses areas of central importance within the field, and engages with innovative ideas and approaches to TPC.

Landmark Publications in Writing Studies

View a collection of republished books that have made a significant impact on writing-across-the-curriculum theory and practice. Many of these books are published with permission of their authors. Others are still available in print and are published here with permission of the publisher.

Utah State University Press on WAC

The Utah State University Press on WAC series offers open-access digital editions of leading books on WAC published by Utah State University Press. The books in this series are part of a larger collection of open-access books available through the USU Press Digital Commons.


The NCTE on WAC series offers open-acces digital editions of leading books on WAC published by the National Council of Teachers of English. Many of these books can be purchased in print editions through NCTE.

Studies in Writing and Rhetoric

The CCCC Studies in Writing & Rhetoric series seeks to influence how writing istaught at the college level. In partnership with the WAC Clearinghouse, CCCC and the series editors are making selected books from the series available in open-access formats.

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing

The books in this independent series present peer-reviewed collections of essays—all composed by teachers for students—that explore important topics about writing in a manner and style accessible both to teachers and students. 

Excellence in K-12 WAC

The Excellence in K-12 WAC Series addresses cross-disciplinary writing studies in K-12. This recently launched series will include works that focus on the teaching and learning of writing in a variety of disciplines at the primary, middle or secondary level across disciplines. 

Other Open-Access Book Series in Writing Studies

Within the field of writing studies, a growing number of publishers are offering offer peer-reviewed, scholarly book in open-access formats. We are pleased to provide links to several of these innovative series.