Border Talk: Writing and Knowing in the Two-Year College

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By Howard B. Tinberg

CoverBorder Talk: Writing and Knowing in the Two-Year College offers an ethnographic account of a diverse group of community college faculty working together to revise their writer center's tutor protocols and expecations for student writing. In doing so, he takes postsecondary writing to the place he refers to as the "border"—the sometimes conflicted space occupied by the two year college, between high schools and universities, between academia and the workplace. Border Talk offers insights into theoretical questions regarding authorship and authority, language and truth, and assessment and evaluation, and presents a view of community college faculty as reflective and impassioned practitioners.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter



Chapter 1. How We Got Here, Where We Want to Go

Chapter 2. Are We Specialists or Generalists?

Chapter 3. Our Ways of Reading and Knowing

Chapter 4. Using History

Chapter 5. Responding to Student Writing

Chapter 6. Is All Knowledge Provisional?

Chapter 7. Is Assessing Writing Possible?

Chapter 8. What Is Good Writing?

Chapter 9. Seeing Ourselves as Experts

Closing: Telling Our Story


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About the Author

About Howard B. Tinberg

Howard B. Tinberg, Professor of English at Bristol Community College (Fall River, MA), is the author of Writing with Consequence: What Writing Does in the Disciplines (Longman, 2003), and (with JP Nadeau) Community College Writers: Exceeding Expectations (SIU Press, 2010). He is co-editor, with Patrick Sullivan,of What is College-Level Writing? (NCTE 2006) and with Patrick Sullivan and Sheridan Blau, of What is College-Level Writing? II (NCTE, 2011). He is past editor of Teaching English in the Two-Year College. He is the 2004 recipient of the Carnegie/CASE Community College Professor of the Year and served as a Carnegie Scholar in 2005-2006.

Publication Information: Tinberg, Howard B. (1997). Border Talk: Writing and Knowing in the Two-Year College. National Council of Teachers of English.

Publication Date: July 24, 2011


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