Thinking and Writing in College: A Naturalistic Study of Students

  • higher education, Student Writing, Teaching strategies, faculty, collaboration, composition studies, cognitive studies, research

By Barbara E. Walvoord and Lucille Parkinson McCarthy
In collaboration with Virginia Johnson Anderson, John R. Breihan, Susan Miller Robison, and A. Kimbrough Sherman
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CoverThis groundbreaking book reports the results of a seven-year study in which six teacher-researchers worked together to inquire into the thinking and writing of college students. The study offers a model of collaborative, naturalistic classroom research that not only allowed the investigators to investigate how students thought and wrote, but also to reflect on teacher growth and change over the course of the study.

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Chapter 1: Preview of the Book (536K)

Chapter 2: Research Theory and Methods (1.15 MB)

Chapter 3: Managerial Decision Making: Sherman's Business Course (1.56 MB)

Chapter 4: Arguing and Debating: Breihan's History Course (1.61 MB)

Chapter 5: Using Social Science to Help Oneself and Others: Robison's Human Sexuality Course (1.14 MB)

Chapter 6: Conducting and Reporting Original Scientific Research: Anderson's Biology Class (1.72 MB)

Chapter 7: Conclusion (526K)

Appendix A: Primary Trait Analysis for Anderson's Biology Class (152K)

Appendix B: Characteristics of Entire Classes and Focus Groups (33K)

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Publication Information: Walvoord, Barbara, & Lucille Parkinson, McCarthy. (2008). Thinking and Writing in College: A Naturalistic Study of Students in Four Disciplines. The WAC Clearinghouse. (Originally published 1990 by National Council of Teachers of English)

Publication Date: May 29, 2008

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