Programs and Practices: Writing Across the Secondary School Curriculum

  • WAC, secondary education, writing program, writing program administration

Edited by Pamela B. Farrell-Childers, Anne Ruggles Gere, and Art Young

CoverPublished in 1994 by Heinemann, this edited collection addresses how writing across the curriculum has been incorporated into schoolwide, districtwide, and statewide programs. The editors and contributors show how WAC efforts, and particularly those that begin with small groups of teachers working in a limited number of classrooms, can serve as the catalyst for systemic change. The essays included in the collection explore the philosophical foundations for WAC programs and offer a number of specific classroom applications that provide the explanatory power of practical experience. Readers of this collection will discover how others have nurtured WAC through the creation of environments in which WAC becomes central to an institution's educational mission. They will also discover how individual schools, school districts, and state agencies have worked to institutionalize WAC.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter


Part 1. Contexts for Change: Problems and Possibilities

Chapter 1 Resistance as Inspiration in a Language and Learning Program, by Bernadette Glaze and Christopher Thaiss

Chapter 2 Teachers as Decision Makers: Creating Classroom, School, and Systemwide Changes, by Marcella Emberger and Clare Kruft with Sally McNelis and Sharon Robbins

Chapter 3 Letters from the (Cutting) Edge: Promoting Writing Across the Curriculum Through Assessment, by Lois E. Easton and Roger Shanley

Chapter 4 A High School/College Writing Across the Curriculum Project: Successes and Constraints, byh Brenda Greene and Lorraine Kuziw

Chapter 5 Student-Developed Multimedia: An Ideal Vehicle for Writing Across the Curriculum, by Nancy Linvill and Chris Peters

Part 2. Ways of Collaborating

Chapter 6 Four Collaborative Projects, by George D. Wilson

Chapter 7 Writing Across the Curriculum at Shorewood High: Integrative Models, Student Investments, by Steve Pearse

Chapter 8 Using a Team Approach in High School to Increase Student Achievement, by Barry Gadlin with Linda Ashida, Barry Brown, Jack Elliott, Suellyn Gates, Bernie Kelly, Chris Kelly, Mary Beth Khoury, Robert Koralik, Marianne Rosenstein, and Charles Widlowski

Chapter 9 Writing to Learn Science, by Rae Bruce and Rodney Mansfield

Chapter 10 The Puget Sound Literature Project: Secondary and University Instructors in a Teaching Team, by Mary E. Kollar

Chapter 11 Technology: An Invitation for Writing and Collaboration, by Eve Coleman and Jeanne C. Sink with Odessa Wilson

Chapter 12 Collaboration as Sharing Experiences: A Detroit Public Schools/University of Michigan Course, by Barbra Morris and George Cooper with Constance Childress, Mary Cox, and Patricia Williams

Part 3. Ways of Implementing Programs

Chapter 13 One Vision at a Time, by Betty Beck

Chapter 14 Tiger Talking Time: Writing Across the Curriculum at Saluda High School, by Gloria Caldwell, Melissa Deloach, Lyn Zalusky Mueller, and Edwin C. Epps

Chapter 15 Writing Across the Curriculum at The McCallie School, by Pamela B. Farrell-Childers with Peter LaRochelle, Cissy May, Catherine Neuhardt-Minor, Lance Nickel, and David B. Perkinson

Chapter 16 Development of Writing Across the Curriculum at Berkshire School, by Elizabeth L. Clifford with Dean Ellerton, Heather Prescott, Anna Romano, and Hilary Russell

Chapter 17 Projects and Partnerships: Writing, Teaching, and Learning in the School District of Philadelphia, by Judy Buchanan and Andrew Gelber

Chapter 18 From Top Down to Grass Roots: Writing Across the Curriculum Districtwide, by Nana E. Hilsenbeck

Chapter 19 An Open Letter: Why Should Teachers Become Involved with Writing Across the Curriculum?, by James K. Upton

Description of Programs

Notes on Contributors

Publication Information: Farrell-Childers, Pamela B., Anne Ruggles, Gere, & Art, Young (Eds.). (2013). Programs and Practices: Writing Across the Secondary School Curriculum. The WAC Clearinghouse. (Originally published in 1994 by Heinemann)

Publication Date: April 20, 2013

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Series Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University

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