WAC Organizations

The following professional organizations are supported by or working in partnership with the WAC Clearinghouse.

The Association for Writing Across the Curriculum

A working group of stakeholders has been meeting for the past several months to develop a framework for the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum (AWAC). AWAC would bring together the intellectual, human, political, and economic capital of the writing across the curriculum community to better support and grow WAC as a global intellectual tradition.

WAC Graduate Student Organization

WAC-GO seeks to increase mentoring to and support for graduate students with an interest in WAC research, program administration, or teaching. WAC-GO works closely with other WAC-related entities to promote graduate student scholarship, seek out funding and support for graduate student research activities, and connect graduate students with cross-institutional research, administrative, and teaching mentors.

The International WAC Network

The International Network of Writing-across-the Curriculum Programs is an informal community of teachers, researchers, and institutions. Members of the Network are involved in some way with the development of writing across the curriculum and in disciplines locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Northeast Writing Across the Curriculum Consortium

The Northeast Writing Across the Curriculum Consortium provides the local region with expertise in research-based Writing Across the Curriculum practices, program development, and assessment through our local WAC consultant list and website. NEWACC also aims to foster collaboration among area WAC programs and provide opportunities for members to draw on each other’s expertise and experience.

The Consortium on Graduate Communication

The Consortium on Graduate Communication is an international association whose members provide professional development in written, oral, and multimodal communication to students before and during their (post-)graduate academic and professional programs. CGC members work with graduate students in their first and second/additional languages.