Los Estudios del Discurso: Miradas Latinoamericanas I

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By Oscar Iván Londoño Zapata


Los Estudios del Discurso. Miradas Latinoamericanas I, by Oscar Iván Londoño Zapata constitutes an original introduction to discourse studies in general, and to the development of discourse studies in Latin America in particular.

Building on the work of the foundational authors from the region included in this volume —Adriana Bolívar, Teresa Carbó, Julieta Haidar, Anamaría Harvey Arellano, Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux y María Laura Pardo— Londoño, through a series of interviews, maps out an overview of the variety of approaches to discourse studies that can be found across Latin America. The issues addressed in each chapter reveal a wide view of the possibilities within the study of discourse: academic, political, legal, journalistic, advertising, and media, among others. These views are not ascribed to a single method, model, analytical approach or perspective, and the interview genre adds a level of richness by sharing with the reader a more candid take on these authors’ theoretical choices, key relationships, and research trajectories.  

Each interview is preceded by a brief contextualization by Londoño that situates researchers within their subfields or areas of specialization; a feature often missing from edited collections like this one. The book also includes a valuable prologue by Teun A. van Dijk, highlighting the relevance of discourse studies in Latin America, and the remarcable protagonism of women in the regional field.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

Prólogo. Teun A. van Dijk

Discursos, espectros y miradas. Oscar Iván Londoño Zapata

El discurso y su construcción en la interacción. Entrevista a Adriana Bolívar

La semiosis que no cesa. Entrevista a Teresa Carbó

El Análisis del Discurso: Una zona de contacto transdisciplinario. Entrevista a Julieta Haidar

En torno al discurso: Los estudios del discurso académico. Entrevista a Anamaría Harvey Arellano

Los Estudios del Discurso y la Glotopolítica. Entrevista a Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux

Los Estudios Críticos y Lingüísticos del Discurso: Derecho, psicosis y Pobreza. Entrevista a María Laura Pardo

About the Author

Oscar Londoño Zapata is an Associate Professor at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Institute of Distance Learning (IDEAD) of Universidad del Tolima, and he is the head of the research team Configuraciones at this institution. His research focuses on discourse analysis in Latin America and the Caribbean, and social discourses from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Publication Information: Zapata, Oscar Iván Londoño. (2021). Los estudios del discurso: Miradas latinoamericanas I. The WAC Clearinghouse. https://doi.org/10.37514/INT-B.2021.1183 (Originally published in print in 2012 by Universidad de Ibagué)

Digital Publication Date: 2021
Print Publication Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-1-64215-118-3 (pdf)
DOI: 10.37514/INT-B.2021.1183

Contact Information:
Oscar Iván Londoño Zapata: oilondonoz@ut.edu.co   

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