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The WAC Repository offers both a collection of peer-reviewed articles pertaining to WAC administration and pedagogy and a set of resources for the wider writing studies community that have been assembled through curation and crowdsourcing. The Repository pursues its mission of prompting cross-institutional conversations and making visible the work of WAC practitioners, administrators, and stakeholders by encouraging and supporting exchanges about implementing WAC principles and best practices in local contexts.

The WAC Repository publishes a wide range of materials, including peer-reviewed articles, crowd-sourced collections, exhibit, and resources for the WAC and writing studies community. Follow the links to the right (on desktops and laptops) or at the bottom of this page (on mobile devices) or view our About page to learn more.

The WAC Repository is a collaboration between the WAC Clearinghouse and the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum. ISSN 2997-8955

Featured Work

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FAQs about Language and Linguistics in Writing
A new article by Laura Aull and Shawna Shapiro
TextGenEd Collection Cover
TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies
A collection editied by Tim Laquintano, Carly Schnitzler, and Annette Vee
Abstract Representation of Computer Technologies
AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry
A collection of resources and opportunities to engage and participate curated by Anna Mills
Photo of TextGenEd: Continuing Experiments Cover
TextGenEd: Continuing Experiments
An additional set of open-access assignments that enable teachers to integrate text generation technologies into their courses

Table of Contents


Peer-reviewed scholarly articles on issues related to writing and writing across the curriculum.

FAQs about Language and Linguistics in Writing


Exhibits shed insight on a particular topic, event, or issue. They are organized by a single author or team.

Dartmouth '66 Seminar Exhibit


Collections shed insight on a particular topic/address a particular objective. They consist of sets of materials organized by a single author or team.

An Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum

TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies

TextGenEd: Continuing Experiments

AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points for Inquiry

Conference Archives and Edited Collections

Grant Abstracts

Crowdsourcing Initiatives

Crowdsourced initiatives provide access to resources that address a particular topic or area of interest. THey are solicited through an open call for contributions with the goal of collecting multiple perspectives.

The Coronavirus Story Archive

Crowdsourcing WAC Scholarship and Research Opportunities

WAC Programs

WAC Program Archives


Statements provide introductory or foundational information about WAC and its pedagogies and practices.

Statement of WAC Principles and Practices

WAC Clearinghouse/AWAC Joint Statement of Support for Ukraine

Professional Resources

The Clearinghouse offers a number of resources for the writing studies and writing across the curriculum communities, including lists of scholarly journals, email distribution lists and groups, and podcasts as well as links to resources that support the teaching and learning of writing.

Scholarly Journals


Email Lists and Groups

The WAC Bibliography

WAC Links

Teaching Resources

The Clearinghouse community offers several sets of resources to support teachers interested in using writing in their courses. These include a rich collection of teaching guides, the University of Delaware's Teaching tips, and a list of links to teaching resources elsewhere on the web.

Teaching Guides

Books for Teachers Who Assign Writing

Links for Instructors

Faculty Tip Sheets

WAC and Second-Language Writing

WAC/WID Writing Fellows Programs

Links for Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Writing in the STEM Disciplines

Writing Resources

The WAC Clearinghouse provides a range of resources for writers. Many of these are adapted from the Writing@CSU website, which has supported writers and teachers since it was established in 1993 at Colorado State University.

Writing Guides

Open-Access Textbooks

Links for Writers

Related Projects

These links take you to projects supported by the WAC Clearinghouse or directly related to our mission.

The WAC Summer Institute

The First-Year Composition Archive

Writing-Enriched Curriculum


The National Census of Writing

Digital WPA

REx: The Research Exchange

Related Organizations

The following organizations share common interests with the WAC Clearinghouse.

The Association for Writing Across the Curriculum

Consortium on Graduate Communication