Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors

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By Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle
Copy edited by Don Donahue. Designed by Mike Palmquist.

This book was awarded the 2020 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award. The award "honors book-length works that contribute in substantial and innovative ways to the field of computers and composition."

CoverDrawing on their novel PARS framework, Jessie Borgman and Casey McArdle explore the complexities and anxieties associated with online writing instruction. PARS offers an innovative way to support your own online instructional efforts as well as those of faculty members in programs that offer online writing instruction. Borgman and McArdle offer extensive examples of how to create assignments, syllabi, and accessible, productive learning spaces. Drawing on work in the design of user experiences, they explore how we can design online writing courses with our students' experiences in mind. Borgman and McArdle encourage us to plan online writing courses strategically, and they reinforce the importance of iterating our course design and teaching practices continually with the goal of creating a better user experience for everyone involved with the course.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

Foreword, by Scott Warnock

Abbreviations and Key Terms


Chapter 1. Personal

Chapter 2. Accessible

Chapter 3. Responsive

Chapter 4. Strategic


Afterword, by Bill Hart-Davidson

About the Authors

Jessie Borgman has taught both face-to-face and online since 2009. She has multiple published articles and book chapters and has presented at several conferences including, CCCCs, C&W, and TYCA. Her research interests include online writing instruction, user experience, instructional design, genre studies, two-year colleges and writing program administration.

Casey McArdle, PhD is Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. He teaches in the Writing Program, the Professional and Public Writing Program, and Experience Architecture Program. He has several publications and conference presentations that focus on online interaction via academic, professional, and social spaces. His research interests examine digital rhetoric, social media, leadership, online writing instruction, web development, experience architecture, user experience, rhetorical theory, and instructional design.

Together, Borgman and McArdle are creators of The Online Writing Instruction Community (, a website and social media group dedicated to collecting and sharing online writing instruction resources.

Publication Information: Borgman, Jessie, & Casey McArdle. (2019). Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic: Resources and Strategies for Online Writing Instructors. The WAC Clearinghouse; University Press of Colorado.

Digital Publication Date: October 23, 2019
Print Publication Date: April 2020

ISBN: 978-1-64215-032-2 (PDF) | 978-1-64215-033-9 (ePub) | 978-1-60732-981-7 (pbk.)
DOI: 10.37514/PRA-B.2019.0322

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Series Editors: Nick Carbone, Carbone Research and Writing, and Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University
Associate Editors: Karen-Elizabeth Moroski, Penn State University; and Aleashia Walton, University of Cincinnati)

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