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Jeff Galin, Florida Atlantic Univ
Melissa Goldwaithe, Saint Joseph's Univ
Bradley Hughes, Univ of Wisconsin
Anna Knutson, Duquesne Univ
Michelle LaFrance, George Mason Univ
Christina LaVecchia, Neumann University and Mayo Clinic
Sean Morey, Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Sarah Peterson Pittock, Stanford Univ
Rebecca Pope-Ruark, Elon Univ
Jenna Pack Sheffield, Univ of New Haven
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Welcome to The WAC Journal, a national peer-reviewed journal on writing across the curriculum. Published by Clemson University, Parlor Press, and the WAC Clearinghouse, The WAC Journal is an annual collection of articles by educators about their WAC ideas and WAC experiences. It is a journal of practical ideas and pertinent theory. We welcome submissions from all WAC scholars.

The WAC Journal is available in print and online versions. To obtain a printed volume of the journal, please view our subscription information. To view the online version, please follow the links below and to the right.

Current Issue

Volume 29, 2018

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WAC Seminar Participants as Surrogate WAC Consultants: Disciplinary Faculty Developing and Deploying WAC Expertise, Bradley Hughes and Elisabeth L. Miller

Writing across College: Key Terms and Multiple Contexts as Factors Promoting Students' Transfer of Writing Knowledge and Practice, Kathleen Blake Yancey, Matthew Davis, Liane Robertson, Kara Taczak, and Erin Workman

Building Sustainable WAC Programs: A Whole Systems Approach, Michelle Cox, Jeffrey Galin, and Dan Melzer

Inclusion Takes Effort: What Writing Center Pedagogy Can Bring to Writing in the Disciplines, Sarah Peterson Pittock

WAC Journal Interview of Asao B. Inoue, Neal Lerner

Getting Specific about Critical Thinking: Implications for Writing Across the Curriculum, Justin K. Rademaekers

A Tale of Two Prompts: New Perspectives on Writing-to-Learn Assignments, Anne Ruggles Gere, Anna V. Knutson, Naitnaphit Limlamai, Ryan McCarty, and Emily Wilson

More Than a Useful Myth: A Case Study of Design Thinking for Writing Across the Curriculum Program Innovation, Jenna Pack Sheffield

How Exposure to and Evaluation of Writing-to-Learn Activities Impact STEM Students' Use of Those Activities, Justin Nicholes

Preparing Writing Studies Graduate Students within Authentic WAC-Contexts: A Research Methods Course and WAC Program Review Crossover Project as a Critical Site of Situated Learning , Michelle LaFrance and Alisa Russell

"Stealth WAC": The Graduate Writing TA Program , Cameron Bushnell and Austin Gorman

Review of Reframing the Relational: A Pedagogical Ethic for Cross-Curricular Literacy Work by Sandra L. Tarabochia , reviewed by C.C. Hendricks

Review: What We Mean When We Say "Meaningful" Writing: A Review of The Meaningful Writing Project, Mary Hedengren

Contributors and Backmatter

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