Volume 10, April 1999: Using Writing to Enhance the First-Year Experience

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Editor's Introduction

Toward Understanding the First-Year Student Writer at PSC

Where else? by Jean Smith

Emotional Landscapes of the First-Year Student or What do they write about when they can write about anything? by Martha Holmes, JoAnn Marchant, Meg Petersen

The Making of Writers, by Meg Petersen

WAC Methods and Techniques for Classes of First-Year Students

Connecting with First-Year Experience through Writing: Interviews of Dick Hunnewell and Kate Donahue, by Robert S. Miller

Using Team Journals in a Large Introductory Course, by David Zehr

Writing and Belonging to the College Community: A Direct Connection, by Martha Macomber

Modeling Reflective Writing for the First-Year Physical Education Student, by Irene Cucina

Innovative Writing Assignments in the Natural Sciences, by Len Reitsma

Writing to First-Year Students by a Student-Centered Class

Writing Into the Curriculum: Adventures in Advanced Composition, by Alys Culhane and Randy Stebbins

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