Volume 12, May 2001, WAC and General Education

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CoverThe WAC Journal in Transition: For this issue, we solicited one article using the national WAC list, two regionally through a new editorial board member from University of New Hampshire at Durham, and one through leaflets distributed at the National Writing Center Conference. For this volume the editorial board acted, in a semi-formal way, as a review board.

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Editor's Introduction
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.01

Reflections on WAC

Changing Attitudes about General Education: Making Connections Through Writing Across the Curriculum, by Margaret Pobywajlo
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.02

Beyond the Reactive: WAC Programs and the Steps Ahead, by Jacob S Blumner, John Eliason, Francis Fritz
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.03

The Status of WAC in Secondary Public Schools: What Do We Know? by Vickie S. Ostrow
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.04

WAC Techniques and Applications

Writing to Learn Quantitative Analysis: Doing Numbers with Words Works! by Sharon Hamilton, Robert H. Orr
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.05

WAC meets TAC: WebCT Bulletin Boards as a Writing to Learn Technique, by Robert S. Miller
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.06

Doing Philosophy Online, by Allan F. DiBiase
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.07

Writing Experiences

Covering All the Bases: Addressing the Multiple Concerns of the College Writer, by Levi Castello
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.08

The Atomic Weight of Metaphor: Writing Poetry Across the Curriculum, by Meg Petersen
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.2001.12.1.09

Notes on Contributors

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Dennise Bartelo
Cinthia Gannett
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Meg Petersen
David Zehr

Editorial Assistants

Stacey Lucas
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