Volume 5, May 1994

  • Basic Writing, Writing Assessment, WID, Writing, WAC

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On Becoming a Composition Student, by Robert S. Miller
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.01

Buffy, Elvis, and Introductory Psychology: Two Characters in Search of a Dialogue, by David Zehr & Kathleen Henderson
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.02

Confessions of a "Bumpy Writer", by Michelle Anne Fistek
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.03

Shylock and Falstaff, by Flo Powell
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.04

Exploring Voice in Business Writing, by Daniel P. Moore
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.05

Writing Assessment at Plymouth State University, by Russell Lord
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.06

Can the Path Be Found in the Divergent Stream? by Michael Brien
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.07

The Collaborative Textbook as Teaching Tool, by Mark Evans & Lela Edgar
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.08

A Model of Collaboration: One Teacher's Composition Class and the Reading/Writing Center, by Roy Andrews, Bruce Johnson, Mike Puiia, Pat Pemberton, & Nancy Hill
DOI: 10.37514/WAC-J.1994.5.1.09

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