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The list below is preserved for archival / historical purposes.

An evolving series of brief explorations into the interface between text and graphic. Part historical vignette, part bibliographic sally, part jeu d'esprit, CompPanels gently push comp annals toward those secretive verges where words and pictures interbreed. RH

New panel

42 Brass plaques, origination, and appropriation

Previous panels

41 Telling book covers (VII): Repurposing and literality
40 Acrostics: Subtext and countertext
39 Photograph, recipe, and truth
38 Eyepath, hypertext, and nonlinearity
37 Found language
36 Computers and individualization
35 Telling book covers (VI)
34 A grammar volvelle
33 Telling book covers (V)
32 Telling book covers (IV)
31 Telling book covers (III)
30 Telling book covers (II)
29 Telling book covers (I)
28 Palimpsests and erasure
27 First writing portfolio
26 Bertin and moiré
25 Compskink
24 Reproduction in 1953
23 Preowned marginalia
22 Process model
21 Rose M. Kavana
20 Presence of absence
19 Witte's models
18 Concrete discourse
17 Hollerith machine
16 Docents labeling
15 Evaluation models
14 History of indexicality
13 Crumb's Boswell
12 Edna Thomas and response
11 Arabic calligraphy
10 Composition Chronicle cartoon
9 Gundell's case studies
8 Embodied language
7 First Year Comp after the War
6 Hedge maze composing process
5 Playboy Asia escort services
4 Clarifying values in Warsaw, IN
3 Instructorless class
2 Denver conference 1947
1 World's first essay

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