Journal Archives

This page provides access to the CompPile archive of journals that are no longer available in print. It also provides links to other materials, such as the proposed syllabus for English 306: Writing About Difference, which was proposed by Linda Brodkey and her colleagues in 1990 for use at the University of Texas at Austin.

CBW Archives

The Council on Basic Writing archive contains The CBWS/CBW Newsletter from 1982-1998, as well as additional historical materials related to the Council. Newsletters in the archive contain reports, surveys, book reviews, literature reviews, history, argument, and personal essays about teaching as well as information on CBW Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings, the 4th National Basic Writing Conference in 1992, day-long workshops begun in 1996, and CCCC sessions on basic writing.


Correspondences, published between 1985 and 1988, was "a broadsheet of continuing dialogue on the concerns of writing teachers seen in a philosophical perspective." It was edited by Anne E. Berthoff.

WLA Newsletter: Writing as a Liberating Activity

Writing as a Liberating Activity Newsletter, first published in October 1973, was edited by Richard C. Gebhardt (Findlay College) and Barbara Genelle Smith (University of Kentucky). The final issue, number 24, appeared in the fall of 1986.

Teaching Writing: Methods, Materials, and Measurement

Teaching Writing: Methods, Materials, and Measurement was published by the Department of English at the University of Delaware from 1978 to 1987. It included articles from scholars such as Frank D'Angelo, Diane Balestri, James Berlin, Jeanne Fahnestock, Stephen North, and Margo Soven, among many others. 

Research in Word Processing Newsletter

Research in Word Processing Newsletter, published from 1983 to 1989, included work from a number of well-known composition scholars and teachers, including Christine Hult, Gordon Thomas, Eric Johnson, Joel Nydahl, Bill McCleary, William Kemp, and Bryan Pfaffenberger, among many others. Its bibliographies on computers and the teaching of writing are unmatched in accuracy and coverage during the 1980s.

Notes from the National Testing Network in Writing

A project of The City University of New York and the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education, Notes from the National Testing Network in Writing focused on writing assessment. Published from 1982 to 1990, it included articles by scholars such as Kenneth Bruffee, Marcia Farr, Liz Hamp-Lyons, Anne Herrington, Richard Lloyd-Jones, Lee Odell, Alan C. Purves, and Anne Ruggles Gere, among many others.


fforum: A Newsletter of the English Composition Board, University of Michigan was published for four years in ten issues beginning in fall 1979. The length of each volume, which eventually ran to more than 100 pages in its last two volumes, bely the standard conception of a newsletter. Contributors to fforum include William E. Coles, Peter Elbow, Toby Fulwiler, Cy Knoblauch, Janice Lauer, Ken Macrorie, Donald Murray, Jay Robinson, Patty Stock, and John Warnock, among many others.