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Dartmouth '66 Seminar Exhibit
Dartmouth '66 Seminar Exhibit

The “Anglo-American Seminar in the Teaching of English,” funded by the Carnegie Corporation, brought 49 American and British English educators to the Dartmouth campus for three weeks in late summer 1966 to discuss what the study and curriculum of English was and should be. This gathering, often called the “Dartmouth Seminar” or “Dartmouth Conference” in our literature, has been documented by historians of Composition (Harris, Kynard, Medway, et al., Trimbur) and is often thought of as an origin point for the field of Composition, as well as a lasting influence on K-12 education in the Anglophone world. This collection brings together primary and secondary materials on the Seminar, including correspondence of the organizers, reports on the Seminar, participant lists, interviews and notes from participants, and a bibliography of published work discussing the Seminar immediately and long afterward. Primary materials are shared from the Carnegie Corporation archives, with permission. This collection is designed to serve researchers in the fields of Composition and Education to teach and learn about this history in our fields. Although much has been published on the Dartmouth Seminar, this archive provides a collection of materials that may facilitate new interpretations and uses. 

Annette Vee
University of Pittsburgh
January 2021