WAC Program Archives

This section of the WAC Resources provides WAC program archives and links to program archives on other sites. We expect these archives to be useful for students and scholars interested in historical programmatic research related to WAC as well as current WAC program administrators.

Archival materials can include a range of materials, including administrative documents, proposals, curricula, correspondence, manuals, reports, and professional development resources, among other materials. The WAC Clearinghouse can host digital archives or listings of collections held at institutions. If you are interested in listing your archives with the Clearinghouse or in having digital archives housed at the Clearinghouse, please email the Associate Publishers for Resources, Lindsey Harding (lharding@uga.edu) and Lee Nickoson (leenick@bgsu.edu).

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The First-Year Composition Archive serves as a resource for scholars and teachers who seek to learn more about trends in first-year writing, the history of the discipline, teaching resources, pedagogical developments, and much more. Supported by the Clearinghouse, the Archive seeks contributions of syllabi, assignments, and course materials from your earliest years in the profession to your current courses. Please visit the Archive at https://fyca.colostate.edu.

Program Archives

The following archives are available.

Place-based Writing Across the Disciplines, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

Between 2013 and 2015, video interviews using standardized questions were conducted with 17 instructors and 32 students from 16 different departments in writing intensive courses in which at least one writing assignment focused on geographic place. The interview responses were edited into 680 discrete video clips that were then coded and tagged by a team of graduate students and their instructor. The clips have been assembled in an extensive archive housed in Scholarspace, the Creative Commons initiative at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. This transdisciplinary research is situated with respect to three research traditions: place-based composition & rhetoric; writing across the curriculum & writing in the disciplines; and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Assignments are included in the Scholarspace archive.