WAC and Second-Language Writing

Kendon Kurzer

As second language (L2) students—which include L2 international visa students, refugees, and permanent residents as well as naturalized and native-born citizens – become more recognized as integral to US higher education, so does the need to provide writing support for these students beyond ESL courses and ESL sections of first year composition. This WAC Clearinghouse site is dedicated to providing space for WAC/WID professionals to share resources they’ve developed for supporting L2 writers as they write across the curriculum, in the majors, in graduate programs, and into the workplace.

WAC/WID professionals are in the position to not only build support for L2 student writers, but to advocate for them, by working as change agents to create an institutional landscape that is more equitable to and inclusive of L2 writers, where L2 writers are valued for the unique cultural, rhetorical, and linguistic resources they bring to their writing.

On this site, you will find specific suggestions for approaches to advocating for L2 writers through WAC/WID and links to resources useful for bringing a multilinguistic and multicultural lens to faculty development, programming, practice, and research. As this site grows, each suggestion will be linked to related resources developed at a range of institutions. If you have developed a resource related to the below suggestions (or have a new suggestion to add), please contact WAC and Second-Language Writers Resource editor Kendon Kurzer (kckurzer@ucdavis.edu) .

Suggestions for Advocating for L2 Writers through WAC

View suggestions for advocating for second-language writers through WAC.

Multilingual and Multicultural Resources
Bringing a Multilingual and Multicultural Lens to WAC

View resources useful for bringing a multilingual and multicultural lens to WAC/WID practice, programming, and research.

WAC and Second-Language Writing Bibliography

View an extensive bibliography that addresses WAC and Second-Language Writing.