Writing Fellows

The Writing Fellows pages provide brief descriptions and links to national and international writing fellows programs, scholarly resources important to the study of writing fellows to support writing across the curriculum, an expanded and inclusive description of fellows and fellowships, and a national and international survey on some of the ins-and-outs of programs practicing fellows’ pedagogies and approaches. We focus on four central questions:

  1. What Are School Characteristics of WAC Fellows and Fellowships? This section shares information on national and international programs, focusing on these features:>
  • School
  • Website
  • Fellows Name/Synonym
  • Description
  • Compensation
  • Contact
  1. What Are Synonymous Terms for WAC Fellows and Fellowships? Because our use of writing fellows and writing fellowships is more expansive than an initial denotation suggests, we use an array of terms in use, such as embedded tutor, professional tutor and faculty consultant. Our use of several synonyms is based, additionally, on an international survey we conducted and close study of how schools use these terms in similar ways.
  2. What Useful Sources Can I Consult? In this section we include an array of publications focused on scholarship relevant to the activities, theories, and pedagogies of WAC fellows and fellowships.
  3. What Are Insights Into WAC Fellows and Programs from Our National and International Survey? This section shares our survey’s findings from thirty-five questions about writing fellows and programs, ranging from instructor, graduate, and undergraduate titles for writing fellows and colleges with programs to the types of institutional support offered and the types of training and format.

Interested in Sharing? If you would like to add your program, have additional sources you’d like us to add, or would like to contribute, please share. We’d be delighted to add your voice. You can reach me at John.Scenters-Zapico@csulb.edu.