Dartmouth '66 Seminar Exhibit

An exhibit on the “Anglo-American Seminar in the Teaching of English" held at Dartmouth College in 1966, hosted by the WAC Clearinghouse

The “Anglo-American Seminar in the Teaching of English,” funded by the Carnegie Corporation, brought almost 50 American and British English educators to the Dartmouth campus for almost 4 weeks in late summer 1966 to discuss what the study and curriculum of English was and should be. This gathering, often called the “Dartmouth Seminar” or “Dartmouth Conference” in the literature, has been documented by historians of Composition (Harris, Kynard, Medway, et al., Trimbur) and Education (Doecke, Applebee) and is often thought of as an origin point for the field of Composition, as well as a lasting influence on K-12 education in the Anglophone world. This online exhibit brings together primary and secondary materials on the Seminar, including correspondence of the organizers, reports on the Seminar, participant lists, interviews and notes from participants, and a bibliography of published work discussing the Seminar immediately and long afterward. Primary materials are shared from the Carnegie Corporation archives, with permission. This exhibit is designed to serve researchers in the fields of Composition and Education to teach and learn about this history in our fields, since "the issues that framed the meeting were generative then and remain so today" (Hesse). Although much has been published on the Dartmouth Seminar, the collection of materials here may facilitate new interpretations and uses. 

image from Dartmouth Seminar

[David Pierce Studio. "Anglo American Seminar on the Teaching and Learning of English." Dartmouth College Photographic Files, 1966. Dartmouth Digital Library Program, collections.dartmouth.edu/archive/object/PhotoFiles/PhotoFiles-icon1647-0067-0000001.]

Contents of this exhibit:

This live Zoom event took place on October 18 at 11am CDT/ 12pm EDT / 5pm BST / 3am AEST.

An introduction to the context of the Seminar and the resources available on the site, written by Annette Vee.

An email interview with John Dixon and an oral interview with Paul Olson, along with a transcript. 

This document set is reproduced here courtesy of the Carnegie Corporation Archives at Columbia University. Annotations written by Megan McIntyre and selections made by Annette Vee.

A spreadsheet of all participants, their institutional affiliations, research or teaching work, web links, and notes on their roles in the Seminar.

Assembled by Annette Vee, Jan 2021.

Critical reflections from John Hardcastle, Brenton Doecke, Dorell Oneil Thomas, Amy J. Wan, Annette Vee, and Megan McIntyre serve as background and context for this Exhibit and provide a multivocal perspective on the Dartmouth Seminar.