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Volume 8, Spring 2014
Tags: composition studies, identity, Basic Writing, writing program, affect, Pedagogy, cognitive studies, veterans
Journal of Writing Analytics
Tags: technical and professional communication, scientific writing, technology, Linguistics, writing studies, cognitive studies
Volume 2, Number 2 (Spring/Summer 1979)
Tags: multilingual, Digital Writing, Digital Learning, cognitive studies, Basic Writing
Volume 4, Number 1 (Spring 1985)
Tags: Race, first-year composition, Basic Writing, cognitive studies, postsecondary education
Volume 4, Number 2 (Fall 1985)
Tags: postsecondary education, Learning Disabilities, social science, cognitive studies, Basic Writing, Teaching strategies
How Writing Shapes Thinking
Tags: secondary education, WAC, Student Writing, composition studies, cognitive studies
Thinking and Writing in College
Tags: higher education, Student Writing, Teaching strategies, faculty, collaboration, composition studies, cognitive studies, research
Contemporary Perspectives on Cognition and Writing

Edited by Patricia Portanova, J. Michael Rifenburg, and Duane Roen

Since the 1980s, even as international writing scholars have embraced cognitive science, the number of studies building on research in writing and cognition has decreased in the United States. Despite this decline, significant interest and ongoing research in this critical area continues. This collection explores the historical context of cognitive studies, the importance to our field of studies in neuroscience, the applicability of habits of mind, and the role of cognition in literate development and transfer. 

Tags: first-year composition, Pedagogy, cognitive studies, history of writing

Displaying: 1 - 8 of 8