The Journal of Writing Analytics

The Journal of Writing Analytics publishes peer-reviewed articles and reports that broadly address work in writing analytics—the study of writing processes and written texts through the use of a wide range of analytical tools, including those drawn from writing studies, corpus linguistics, cognitive psychology, and learning analytics. 

Current Issue: Volume 2, 2018

Writing Analytics: Methodological and Conceptual Developments, by Joe Moxley, Norbert Elliot, David Eubanks, Meg Vezzu, Matthew J. Osborn
Placing Writing Tasks in Local and Global Contexts: The Case of Argumentative Writing, by Hannah Ringler, Beata Beigman Klebanov, David Kaufer
Contemporary Peer Review: Construct Modeling, Measurement Foundations, and the Future of Digital Learning, by Ashley Nichole Reese, Rajeev Reddy Rachamalla, Alex Rudniy, Laura Aull, Dave Eubanks
Developing an e-rater Advisory to detect Babel-generated essays, by Aoife Cahill, Martin Chodorow, Michael Flor
Research Notes
It's All in the Notes: What Session Notes Can Tell Us About the Work of Writing Centers, by Genie N. Giaimo, Joseph J. Cheatle, Candace K. Hastings, Christine Modey
Going Beyond "That was fun": Measuring Writing Motivation, by Tamara Powell Tate, Mark Warschauer
Special Section
Writing Mentor: Writing Progress Using Self-Regulated Writing Support, by Jill Burstein, Norbert Elliot, Beata Beigman Klebanov, Nitin Madnani, Diane Napolitano, Maxwell Schwartz, Patrick Houghton, and Hillary Molloy
Utility-Value Score: A Case Study in System Generalization for Writing Analytics, by Beata Beigman Klebanov, Stacy Priniski, Jill Burstein, Binod Gyawali, Judith Harackiewicz, and Dustin Thoman

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