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Writing in the Arts and Sciences
Tags: STEM, Writing, WID, WAC, Pedagogy
Volume 3
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Volume 2
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Volume 2
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Volume 27, Fall 2016
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Volume 20, November 2009
Tags: Intra-disciplinary, Pedagogy, Multilingual, STEM, Rhetoric, WID, WAC
Volume 13, June 2002
Tags: Technology, Audience, Linguistics, Interdisciplinary Learning, ELL, ESL, STEM, WTL, WID, WAC
Volume 10, April 1999
Tags: STEM, Pedagogy, First-Year Composition, WID, WAC
En Carrera: Escritura y Lectura de Textos Académicos y Profesionales
Tags: STEM, Pedagogy, WID, Writing
The Forgotten Tribe: Scientists as Writers

By Lisa Emerson

In The Forgotten Tribe: Scientists as Writers, Lisa Emerson offers an important corrective to the view that scientists are "poor writers, unnecessarily opaque, not interested in writing, and in need of remediation." She argues that scientists are among "the most sophisticated and flexible writers in the academy, often writing for a wider range of audiences (their immediate disciplinary peers, peers in adjacent fields, a broad scientific audience, industry, and a range of public audiences including social media) than most other faculty."

Tags: writing in the disciplines, scientific writing, multi-voiced, WAC, STEM

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 10