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Volume 6
Tags: postsecondary education, Teaching strategies, writing strategies, writing studies, writing to learn, writing to engage, faculty development, first-year composition, Pedagogy, culture, scientific writing, self-care
Writing In and About the Performing and Visual Arts
Tags: writing strategies, teaching strategies, culture, performing arts, visual arts
Volume 1
Tags: WEC, scientific writing, Teaching strategies, common core, writing in the disciplines, composition studies, postsecondary education, Pedagogy, writing strategies, writing studies
Volume 2
Tags: writing to engage, secondary education, second-language writers, postsecondary education, Teaching strategies, Pedagogy, writing strategies, TESL, writing in the disciplines, scientific writing, STEM
Volume 2, Number 4 (Spring/Summer 1980)
Tags: Teaching strategies, writing strategies, visual arts, writing in the disciplines, performing arts, Basic Writing, WAC
Volume 35, Number 1 (2016)
Tags: observational research, Pedagogy, Teaching strategies, composition studies, writing strategies, postsecondary education, multimodal, first-year composition, Basic Writing
What Is College Reading?

Edited by Alice S. Horning, Deborah-Lee Gollnitz, and Cynthia R. Haller

Arguing that literacy instruction is the work of all teachers, K-12 and beyond, this collection offers replicable strategies to help educators think about how and when students learn the skills of reading, synthesizing information, and drawing inferences across multiple texts. What Is College Reading? will be of interest and practical use to any educator facing the need to offer more for students as they exit their high school career and begin the journey of post-secondary education.

Tags: writing strategies, secondary education, K-12, literary analysis, Pedagogy, postsecondary institution, postsecondary education
A Rhetoric of Literate Action: Literate Action Volume 1

By Charles Bazerman

The first in a two-volume set, A Rhetoric of Literate Action is written for "the experienced writer with a substantial repertoire of skills, and now would find it useful to think in more fundamental strategic terms about what they want their texts to accomplish, what form the texts might take, how to develop specific contents, and how to arrange the work of writing."

Tags: rhetoric and composition, advice, writing strategies, multimodal, rhetorical theory
A Theory of Literate Action: Literate Action Volume 2

By Charles Bazerman

The second in a two-volume set, A Theory of Literate Action draws on work from the social sciences—and in particular sociocultural psychology, phenomenological sociology, and the pragmatic tradition of social science— to "reconceive rhetoric fundamentally around the problems of written communication rather than around rhetoric's founding concerns of high stakes, agonistic, oral public persuasion" (p. 3).

Tags: rhetoric and composition, writing strategies, writing studies, rhetorical theory, social science

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