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Volume 6, Spring 2012
Tags: contingent faculty, Basic Writing, research, higher education, antiracism, composition, labor, writing program administration, writing program
Volume 37, Number 2
Tags: history of writing, faculty development, contingent faculty, Teaching strategies, postsecondary education, Basic Writing
Volume 37, Number 1
Tags: contingent faculty, postsecondary education, Basic Writing, Teaching strategies, Pedagogy, faculty development, Basic Writing
Volume 31, Number 2
Tags: rhetorical theory, reform, Writing Assessment, postsecondary education, postsecondary institution, faculty development, contingent faculty, Basic Writing, Culture
Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition

Edited by Seth Kahn, William B. Lalicker, and Amy Lynch-Biniek

Composition has been a microcosm of the corporatization of higher education for thirty years, with adjuncts often handling the hard work of writing instruction. We've learned enough to know that change is needed. Influenced by the efforts of organizations such as New Faculty Majority, Faculty Forward, PrecariCorps, and national faculty unions, this collection highlights action, describing efforts that have improved adjunct working conditions in English departments. The editors categorize these efforts into five threads: strategies for self-advocacy; organizing within and across ranks; professionalizing in complex contexts; working for local changes to workload, pay, and material conditions; and protecting gains. 

Tags: contingent faculty, composition studies, writing program administration, first-year composition

Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5