Editorial Team

The page provides information about the WAC Clearinghouse editorial team. Information about the editorial board is available on the editorial board page. Information about the editorial teams and boards of the journals and book series associated with the Clearinghouse is available on their main pages.

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Founding Editor and Publisher

Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University
Mike.Palmquist@ColoState.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publishers

Associate Publisher for Journals: Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University

Associate Publisher for Books: Ann Blakeslee, Eastern Michigan University
ablakesle@emich.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Databases: Susan Wolff Murphy, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Associate Publisher for Design and Production: Karen P. Peirce, KPP Communications
kppeirce@gmail.com | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Design and Production: Heather M. Falconer, University of Maine
heather.falconer@maine.edu| View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Resources: Lindsey Harding, University of Georgia
lharding@uga.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Resources: Lee Nickoson, Bowling Green State University
leenick@bgsu.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Operations and Equity: Christopher Basgier, Auburn University
crb0085@auburn.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Accessibility and Sustainability: Rebecca Hallman Martini, University of Georgia
rebecca.hallmanmartini@uga.edu | View Web Profile

Associate Publisher for Marketing and Advancement: Kristen Welch, Spartanburg Methodist College
welchk@smcsc.edu | View Web Profile

Resource Section Editors

News and Information Editor: Traci Gardner, Virginia Tech
tengrrl@vt.edu | View Web Profile

Links Editor: Stephen A. Bernhardt, University of Delaware

Bibliography Editor: Glenn Blalock, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Second-Language Writing Section Editor: Kendon Kurzer, University of California Davis

Writing Fellows Program Section Editor: John Scenters-Zapico, California State University Long Beach
John.Scenters-Zapico@csulb.edu | View Web Profile

Writing Fellows Program Section Associate Editor: Cindy Nguyen, California State University Long Beach


Senior Editor and Co-Founder: Rich Haswell

Managing Editor and Co-Founder: Glenn Blalock, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Managing Editor: Susan Murphy, Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Associate Editors:

  • Whitney Jordan Adams, Berry College
  • Bruce Horner, University of Louisville
  • Lorie S. Jacobs, University of Houston-Clear Lake
  • Jessica Jorgenson Borchert, Pittsburg State University
  • Tara Wood, University of Northern Colorado

The WAC Repostory


  • Ming Fang, Florida International University
  • Lauren Garskie, Gannon University
  • Lindsey Harding, University of Georgia
  • Jackie Kauza, Indiana University East

Review Board: View

Book Series

Across the Disciplines Books

Series Editor: Michael A. Pemberton, Georgia Southern University

Associate Editor: Kathryn M. Northcut, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Review Board: View

Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication

Series Editor: Lisa Melonçon, Clemson University

Associate Editor: Sherena Huntsman, Utah State University

Review Board: View

International Exchanges on the Study of Writing

Series Editors: Steven Fraiberg, Michigan State University; Joan Mullin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Terry Myers Zawacki, George Mason University; Magnus Gustafsson, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

Associate Editors: Anna S. Habib, George Mason University; and Eliza Kotzeva, American University of Armenia

Editorial Fellow, 2023-24: Stephie Minjung Kang, Michigan State University

Review Board: View

International Exchanges on the Study of Writing: Latin American Section

Series Editors: Ana M. Cortés Lagos, Stony Brook University, and Soledad Montes Sanchez, Lancaster University

Associate Editors: María de los Ángeles Chimenti, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and Vítor Pluceno Behnck, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Review Board: View

Landmark Publications in Writing Studies

Series Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University

Review Board: View

Lifespan Writing Research

Series Editors: Ryan J. Dippre, University of Maine, and Talinn Phillips, Ohio University


Series Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University

Perspectives on Writing

Series Editors: Rich Rice, Texas Tech Universitym, and J. Michael Rifenburg, University of North Georgia

Consulting Editor: Susan H. McLeod, University of California Santa Barbara

Associate Editors: Jonathan M. Marine, George Mason University; Johanna Phelps, Washington State University Vancouver; and Qingyang Sun, Xi’an Jiaotong—Liverpool University

Consulting Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University

Review Board: View

Practices & Possibilities

Series Editors: Aimee McClure, Clarke University; Kelly Ritter, Georgia Institute of Technology; Aleashia Walton, University of Cincinnati; and Jagadish Paudel, University of Texas at El Paso

Review Board: View

Precarity & Contingency

Series Editors: Seth Kahn, West Chester University, and Sue Doe, Colorado State University

Reference Guides to Rhetoric and Composition

Series Editors: Charles Bazerman, University of California Santa Barbara; Mary Jo Reiff, University of Kansas; and Anis Bawarshi, University of Washington

Associate Editor: Mary Lourdes Silva, University of California Santa Barbara

Charles Bazerman New Scholar Fellow, 2-23-24: Leah Heilig, University of Rhode Island

Review Board: View

Utah State University Press on WAC

Series Editor: Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University


Series Editor: Cheryl E. Ball, Wayne State University

Associate Editors: Tessa Brown, Stanford University; Stephen McElroy, Babson College; and Sarah Warren-Riley, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Review Board: View

Writing Spaces

Series Editors: Trace Daniels-Lerberg, University of Utah; Bryna Siegel Finer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Mary Stewart, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; and Matthew Vetter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Review Board: View

Journals and Proceedings

Academic Labor: Research and Artistry

Editors: Sue Doe, Colorado State University, and Sarah Austin, United States Air Force Academy Prep School

Managing Editors: Mary Hickey, Colorado State University, and Catherine Ratliff, Colorado State University

Series Reviewers: View

Across the Disciplines

Editor: Michael Cripps, University of New England

Associate Editor: Julia Voss, Santa Clara University

Book Reviews Editor: Paul Cook, Indiana University, Kokomo

Consulting Editor: Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University

Susan H. McLeod New Scholar Fellow, 2023-24: Hannah Locher, Ohio State University

Editorial Review Board and Consulting Readers: View

Double Helix

Editor: Glenda Pritchett, Quinnipiac University

Associate Editor: Justin Hayes, Quinnipiac University

Managing Editor: Paul Pasquaretta, Quinnipiac University

Advisory Board: View

Journal of Basic Writing

Co-Editor: Hope Parisi, Kingsborough Community College

Co-Editor: Cheryl C. Smith, Baruch College

Consulting Editors: Rebecca Mlynarczyk, City University of New York, and Bonne August, New York City College of Technology, CUNY

Editorial Board: Available by Issue

The Journal of Writing Analytics

Editor-in-Chief: Susan Lang, Ohio State University

Executive Editor: David Eubanks, Furman University

Managing Editor: Meg Vezzu, Journal of Writing Analytics

Founding Editor: Joe Moxley, University of South Florida

Board of Reviewers: View

Open Words

Senior Editor: Yndalecio Isaac Hinojosa, Texas A&M University

Senior Editor: Kristina Gutierrez, Lone Star College – Kingwood

Senior Editor: Sue Hum, University of Texas at San Antonio

Editorial Board: View

Proceedings of the Annual Computers and Writing Conference

Series Editors: Cheryl E. Ball, Wayne State University, Chen Chen, Winthrop University, Kristopher Purzycki, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, and Lydia Wilkes, Idaho State University

Advisory Board: Douglas Eyman, George Mason University, Stephanie Vie, University of Central Florida, and Jennifer deWinter, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Editorial Board: Available by Volume

Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments

Editors: Kelly Kinney and Rick Fisher, University of Wyoming

Associate Editors: Thomas Girshin, California State University, San Bernardino; Alex Halperin, Salisbury University; Aimee Mapes, University of Arizona; Dave Wessner, Davidson College; Ethan Youngerman, New York University

Production Editors: Liz Hutter, University of Dayton; Brian N. Larson, Texas A&M University School of Law

Editorial Board: View

Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios de la Escritura

General Editor: Natalia Ávila Reyes, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Executive Editor: Lina Calle-Arango, Universidad de O’Higgins, Chile

Assistant Editor: Rafael Zaccaron, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil

Associate Editors: Juliana Alves Assis, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Mina Gerais, Brasil; Ana María Cortés, Syracuse University, United States; María Jesús Espinosa, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile; Javiera Figueroa, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile; Maria Ester W. Moritz, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil; Mónica Tapia-Ladino, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, Chile; and Lina Trigos-Carrillo, Universidad del Norte, Colombia

Editorial Board: View

The WAC Journal

Editors: Cameron Bushnell and David Blakesley, Clemson University

Managing Editor: Stacy Cacciatore, Clemson University

Will Hochman New Scholar Fellow, 2023-24: Macy Dunklin, Texas A&M University

Editorial Board and Review Board: View

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship

Editor in Chief: Muriel Harris, Purdue University

Co-Editors: Julia Bleakney, Lee Ann Glowzenski, Karen Gabrielle Johnson, and Ted Roggenbuck

Assistant Editor: Omar Yacoub

Blog Editors: Anna S. Habib, Esther R. Namubiru, and Weijia Li

Editorial Review Team: View

Past Members of the Clearinghouse Editorial Team

  • Andrea Bennett, Colorado State University (Assistant Editor)
  • Kristin Bivens, Harold Washington College, Associate Editor, Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communications
  • Lauren Brentnell, University of Northern Colorado (Associate Editor, CompPile)
  • Kevin Brooks, North Dakota State University (Links)
  • Michelle Crow, Cornell University (Second-Language Writing)
  • Randolph Cramer Cauthen, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (Teaching Exchange)
  • Vera Cristovao, Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brasil (Series Editor, International Exchanges - Latin American Section)
  • Dana Driscoll, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Series Editor, Writing Spaces)
  • Kevin Eric De Pew, Old Dominion University (Theses and Dissertations)
  • Brian Fallon, Fashion Institute of Technology - State University of New York (Bibliography)
  • Al Harahap, University of Arizona (News and Information)
  • Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, University of the Sciences (Associate Editor, CompPile)
  • Will Hochman, Southern Connecticut State University (Reviews Editor; in memoriam)
  • Olivia Johnson, University of Maine (Associate Editor, Perspectives on Writing)
  • Justin Jory, Central Oregon Community College (Bibliography)
  • Angela Laflen, California State University, Sacramento (Associate Editor, CompPile)
  • Bonnie Lenore Kyburz, Utah Valley University and Lewis University (Teaching Exchange)
  • Michelle LaFrance, George Mason University (Writing Fellows Programs; Associate Editor, Across the Disciplines Books)
  • Mary Le Rouge, Cleveland Institute of Music (Associate Publisher for Monographs, Collections, and Conference Proceedings)
  • Tony Mangialetti, Colorado State University (Assistant Editor)
  • Katie McWain, Texas Woman's University (Associate Editor, Practices and Possibilities; in memoriam)
  • Dan Melzer, University of California Davis (News and Information)
  • Violeta Molina-Natera, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia (Series Editor, International Exchanges - Latin American Section)
  • Federico Navarro, Universidad de O'Higgins, Chile (Editor in Chief, International Exchanges - Latin American Section)
  • Manda Wich, Colorado State University (Assistant Editor)