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Race, Rhetoric, and Research Methods
Tags: rhetorical theory, rhetoric and composition, social media, autoethnography, ethical framework, positionality, research methods, antiracism, technology, Epistemology, media, Social Justice, Gender, Culture, Race
Noise from the Writing Center
Tags: writing center, writing program administration, research, media
Special Issues: SIGET V

Clearinghouse offers access to special issues of three journals—Revista Brasileira de Linguistica AplicadaLinguagem em (Dis)Curso, and Revista Signos—that published articles emerging from the 2009 International Symposium on Text Genre Studies - SIGET V.

Tags: media, multilingual, Linguistics, TESL, genre studies, technical and professional communication
Classrooms after 9/11
Tags: language, veterans, Rhetoric, Culture, community, personal essay, higher education, visual arts, media, student writing, feminist theory
Volume 13, 2016


Tags: writing center, Transfer, Metacognition, survey, faculty, multimodal, media, Rhetoric, student writing, technical and professional communication, second-language writers, copyright law, Literacy
Volume 1, 2004
Tags: WAC, secondary education, postsecondary institution, media, Culture, WEC, Writing Program, first-year composition, writing in the disciplines, Genre, Teaching strategies, copyright law, critical thinking
Social Writing/Social Media: Publics, Presentations, and Pedagogies

Edited by Douglas M. Walls and Stephanie Vie

Social media have been (for quite some time now) part of the fabric of our lives. But as with many new technologies, it often takes a while for us to be able to step back, assess the tool's impact, and consider what's next. This collection offers one of the first sets of scholarly work in our field that responds to social media's influence on both popular and extra-curricular writing as well as on scholarly communication. Too frequently, social media is dismissed as non-academic, unworthy of sustained attention by researchers. The authors featured here present compelling reasons why this oft-neglected form of writing deserves—and demands—continued academic response.

Tags: Pedagogy, composition studies, multimodal, media, social media
Genre in a Changing World

Edited by Charles Bazerman, Adair Bonini, and Débora Figueiredo

The twenty-four chapters in Genre in a Changing World, reflecting the work of scholars in Europe, Australasia, and North and South America, were selected from the more than 400 presentations at SIGET IV (the Fourth International Symposium on Genre Studies) held on the campus of UNISUL in Tubarão, Santa Catarina, Brazil in August 2007—the largest gathering on genre to that date.

Tags: genre studies, international, multi-voiced, media, Linguistics, WAC

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