Other Open-Access Book Series in Writing Studies

Within the field of writing studies, a growing number of publishers are offering offer peer-reviewed, scholarly book in open-access formats. We are pleased to provide links to several of these innovative series.

Utah State University Press Open-Access Books

View than 180 open-access books published prior to the merger of Utah State University Press and University Press of Colorado. Provided by Utah State's Digital Commons, you will find books focusing on rhetoric and composition, folklore, Western studies and history, and religion, among other topics. 

Computers and Composition Digital Press

The WAC Clearinghouse is pleased to direct its visitors to the Computers and Composition Digital Press Web site. This innovative press promises to remap our understanding of online publishing of book-length projects. The founders of the press write that they are "committed to publishing innovative, multimodal digital projects. The Press will also publish ebooks (print texts in electronic form available for reading online or for downloading); however, we are particularly interested in digital projects that cannot be printed on paper, but that have the same intellectual heft as a book."


Intermezzo is a series dedicated to publishing essays that are too long for journal publication but too short to be a monograph. Published by enculturation, the series asks writers to consider a variety of topics from within and without academia and also to be creative in doing so. Authors are encouraged to experiment with form, style, content, and approach in order to break down the barrier between the scholarly and the creative.

connexions in international professional communication and design

The connexions in international professional communication and design (IPCD) eBook (or eBook series) is an edited collection that emerges squarely from the intersection of industry and academia. The editors seek contributions that address broad aspects of a taxonomy of ideas assembled from the original connexions international professional communication journal (2013–2018). The editors look forward to what these projects may reveal about IPCD in the world.

WLN Digital Editions

WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship offers an open-access series focusing on writing center pedagogy and practice. View the first book in the series, How We Teach Writing Tutors.

Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative

The Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Book Series publishes texts that investigate the multiliteracies of digitally mediated spaces both within academia as well as other contexts. Published in association with the University of Michigan Press, books are available in both open access and print formats