WAC Resources

The Clearinghouse offers numerous resources for WAC scholars, program administrators, and faculty, including our introduction to WAC, our WAC Links, a list of WAC programs, lists of scholarly journals and email lists, and several special areas devoted to issues such as writing fellows programs and teaching second-language learners.

An Introduction to Writing Across the Curriculum

This introduction to writing across the curriculum provides an overview of key concepts, offers advice based on research, theory, and practice, and provides examples and materials that will support the effective use of writing in courses across the disciplines.

Statement of WAC Principles and Practices

Endorsed by the International Network of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs and the CCCC Executive Committee, the Statement of WAC Principles and Practices offers guidance on the design, development, and operation of WAC programs.

WAC Bibliography

The bibliography, developed and presented in collaboration with CompPile, supports work by teachers, WAC scholars, and WAC program administrators, designers, and developers.

WAC Links

These links pages point to useful online resources for designing, developing, and maintaining healthy writing initiatives in schools and colleges. 

Conference Proceedings and Archives

View archived conference materials and proceedings from the International Writing Across the Curriculum conference (since 2006) and the 2003 National Conference on Student Writing and Critical Thinking in Agriculture.

WAC Program Archives

View WAC program archives and links to program archives on other sites.

WAC/WID Writing Fellows & Programs

View links to national and international writing fellows programs, relevant scholarly resources, expanded and inclusive descriptions of fellows and fellowships, and a survey of Writing Fellows programs.

WAC and Second-Language Writing

View suggestions for approaches to advocating for second-language writers through WAC/WID, bibliographic resources, and links to resources useful for bringing a multilinguistic and multicultural lens to faculty development, programming, practice, and research.

Writing Enriched Curriculum

The WEC model, developed at the University of Minnesota, offers a faculty-driven approach to supporting effective and relevant writing and writing instruction within an undergraduate curriculum. Learn more about this innovative model, gleaned from three decades of research, at the University of Minnesota WAC Program website.

The WAC Summer Institute

Offered in association with the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, the three-day WAC Institute assists new and prospective leaders of WAC/WID as well as experienced directors who face new challenges or wish to expand, update, or revitalize their programs. 

WAC Programs

View descriptions of WAC programs. 

Consortium on Graduate Communication

The Consortium on Graduate Communication is an international association whose members provide professional development in written, oral, and multimodal communication to students before and during their (post-)graduate academic and professional programs. CGC members work with graduate students in their first and second/additional languages.