Teaching Resources

The Clearinghouse community offers several sets of resources to support teachers interested in using writing in their courses. These include a rich collection of teaching guides, the University of Delaware's Teaching tips, access to the archives of Bedford Bits, and a list of links to teaching resources elsewhere on the web.

Teaching Guides

The WAC Clearinghouse teaching guides are designed for writing teachers and for teachers of other subjects who want to use writing and speaking activities in their classrooms. 

Books for Teachers Who Assign Writing

The Clearinghouse offers access to a number of books that provide guidance to instructors who assign writing in their courses. Topics addressed include, among others, designing writing assignments, teaching grammar and style, conducting writing conferences, and using writing-to-learn activities effectively.

Links for Instructors

These links point to web-based resources for writing instructors and instructors who use writing assignments in their courses.

Links for Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic

These links point to web-based resources for teaching, learning, and self-care during the pandemic.

Faculty Tip Sheets

The WAC Clearinghouse and the University of Delaware offer a collection of "tipsheets" for faculty development as a general resource for anyone doing workshops or seeking good advice to distribute to college faculty. They advance both writing to learn and writing in the disciplines approaches.

Bedfrod Bits Archive

This site provides access in archival form to Bedford Bits, a multi-author weblog that provided instructors with teaching ideas from leading scholars, authors, and editors. The tips found on this site were published on its Bedford/St. Martin’s WordPress site between August 8, 2006 and July 10, 2015. In July 2015, Bits began publishing new posts in the Macmillan Community social networking platform. Because many Bits contributors have not yet moved their posts to the new location, the original site is presented on the archived Bedford Bits website.

Writing in the STEM Disciplines

In addition to publications in journals and books, the WAC Clearinghouse provides access to resources focused on writing in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).