Correspondences, published between 1985 and 1988, was "a broadsheet of continuing dialogue on the concerns of writing teachers seen in a philosophical perspective." It was edited by Anne E. Berthoff.

Correspondences, one: 1985

Berthoff, Ann E.; Bob Boynton, "Dear reader", [1]

Lindberg, Gary, "A conversation about the logic and psychologic of interpretation", [1-2]

Lindberg, Gary, "Dismantling a porcupine", [2-4]

Bruss, Neal, "Neal Bruss responds to GL [Gary Lindberg]", [4-5]

Phelps, Louise Wetherbee, "Louise Wetherbee Phelps responds to AB, GL, and NB [Ann Berthoff, Gary Lindberg, Neal Bruss]", [5-6]

Ramage, John, "John Ramage responds to GL and NB [Gary Lindberg, Neal Bruss]", [6-7]

Correspondences, two: 1985

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Wells, Susan, "Vygotsky reads Capital", [1-5]

Herendeen, Warren, "Talking leaves: Conversations with white paper [response to Susan Wells]", [5-6]

Correspondences, three: 1985

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Green, Eugene, "The making of metaphor", [1-4]

Berthoff, Ann E.; Louise Dunlap; Rene Watkins, "Triangles again", [5-6]

Correspondences, four: 1986

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Bruss, Neal, "Writing without confidence", [1-5]

Deen, Rosemary, "Bread and salt [response to Neal Bruss]", [5-6]

Zebroski, James Thomas, "Tropes and zones [response to Susan Wells, Correspondences Two]", [6-7]

Correspondences, five: 1986

Berthoff, Ann. E., "Dear reader", [1]

Kameen, Paul, "Coleridge: On method", [1-3]

Garlitz, Robert, "Teaching everything, preferably all at once", [4-7]

Levin, David, "Gary Lindberg: Character in conversation", [7]

Correspondences, six: 1986

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Brown, Peter, "Burke, Garlitz, and the 'power of relation' [response to Robert Garlitz, in Correspondences Five]", [1-4]

Lofaro, Frank, "Peirce's 'speculative rhetoric' and the writer's audience", [4-6]

Dorenkamp, Angela; J. A. Quattrini; George Moberg, "Correspondences", [6-7]

Correspondences, seven: 1987

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Salvatori, Mariolina, "'Cultural Literacy': A critical reading", [1-4]

Roskelly, Hephzibah, "Redeeming 'Cultural Literacy'", [4-7]

Correspondences, eight: 1987

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Zebroski, James T.; Nancy Mack, "A dialogue on composition: A composition on dialogue", [1-7]

Correspondences, nine: 1987

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Rosenmeier, Rosamond, "Migrating with un-confidence [response to Neal Bruss, in Correspondences Four]", [1-4]

Lassner, Phyllis, "Teaching without confidence [response to Neal Bruss, in Correspondences Four]", [4-6]

Correspondences, ten: 1988

Berthoff, Ann E., "Dear reader", [1]

Tinberg, Howard B., "On reading Freire and Macedo's Literacy", [1-2]

Daniel, Beth, "Pedagogue in process", [3-5]

Wells, Susan, "Response to [James T.] Zebroski-[Nancy] Mack [in Correspondences eight]", [5-6]

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