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Universities around the globe work with post-secondary student writing across institutions and disciplines, study writing and its teaching, and consider the cognitive, socio-cultural, and political effects of writing. This work is carried out in government-sponsored and university-sponsored research laboratories, independent professional and scholarly associations, and university departments of education, linguistics, rhetoric, and academic literacy studies.

This international field has fostered writing centers, courses, publications and conferences, drawing on research about writing--how it works, how it develops, how it is best taught and learned, how it is situated--across all levels and in a variety of cultural and institutional contexts.1 The methods and research questions are often quite different from those prevalent in the United States. The authors of reference and the conceptual frames are often equally different. This work in writing studies sometimes focuses on students learning academic English, but largely focuses on writing by native speakers as they enter and move through higher education.

The depth and breadth of research and conversation in writing studies across these contexts and institutions needs to be shared. The links below are open lists of the people and places doing the work of writing studies research in university writing outside the USA. Our purpose is to offer a research resource to all who are interested in knowing, understanding, and collaborating. The page is designed to be progressively developed by people involved in reading, writing, or doing research in these areas:

Workshops @ CCCC

Workshops in Europe

1A note about contextualizing: higher education in other countries is of course not an exact parallel to US higher education. Some international higher education writing research has occurred in different settings (late high school, for example) or builds on earlier research about writing in younger grades but now brought into the postsecondary domain.