2024 CCCC Workshop

Welcome to the 2024 CCCC International Researchers Consortium Workshop: Research Abundance Outside the US Writing Context

For all participants—both workshop leaders and CCCC participants signed up for the workshop—remember that this workshop operates by reading texts in advance and dedicating the workshop day entirely to small-group in-depth discussion. These instructions will get us all ready, so please read carefully all the way through.

The contributions to read in advance of the workshop are available via this page—except for one that we will email you separately, so please watch for that. They are organized by time slot [see below]. You can view each draft by simply clicking on the author names below. This will open a document in a new window that you can read, download or print. You need to read / scan all of the texts once, to get a general sense of them.

Each text includes a description of the institutional context in which the work is occurring, a brief glossary, and a digest of key theorists or theoretical groundings framing the work. Please read these before reading the draft text—they are key to fruitful exchange! Sometimes they can be found at the *end* of the text rather than the beginning.

Once you have read, fairly quickly, through all of the drafts, select a first choice and a second choice to read from each cluster (except the cluster that includes your own text). 

Schedule Clusters: International Writing Research Workshop at CCCC

Cluster 1

Cluster 2

Cluster 3

Cluster 4

For example, if you are an author assigned to Cluster 3, your first choice for a focused reading set might be B, F, and K, and your second choice might be C, D, and L.

We must receive your reading preferences via email at intlreseachersconsortium@gmail.com no later than 15 February 2024.

Once we have received the reading preferences from you, we will create reading groups for each text, making every effort to see that you get as many first choices as possible, but also ensuring that all papers get a sufficient number of readers. 

We will share your personal workshop reading schedule with you by 1 March, giving you roughly one month to read the texts you’ll be discussing during the workshop.

At the workshop, you will join the group led by the authors in your reading schedule in each grouping for the 45-minute in-depth discussion segment in which it is placed. Please note that the workshop leaders join the clusters as additional respondents. 

Keep in mind that many of these are works in progress—they vary a great deal in length and development. The idea is to share and further our work and thinking through this format. As workshop leader, each researcher will present their draft for 5 minutes at the beginning of their assigned cluster time. Remember that there will be **no formal presentations in this workshop.** The bulk of our time together is spent in actual discussion. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Happy reading!

Brooke Schreiber: brooke.schreiber@baruch.cuny.edu 

Jay Jordan: jay.jordan@utah.edu