A Bibliography on Writing and Science

This bibliography provides citations of sources, most published since 2000, that take up issues related to:

  1. teaching science students to write both technical and non-technical material
  2. writing about science as professional preparation
  3. rhetorical principles in writing about science

Compiled in 2013 by Kate Kiefer, Professor of English at Colorado State University, the bibliography offers a carefully selected list of sources that should be of wide interest among members of the WAC community. Kiefer notes, "Although the articles about rhetoric might seem of less immediate interest to science teachers in STEM classrooms, they offer pertinent perspectives on audience issues related to effective science communication as well as insights into how readers and writers adapt to disciplinary writing conventions."

Titles are not sorted by level, although Kiefer notes that few of the sources in the bibliography address K-12 STEM contexts. The list also includes few titles related to teaching ESL students. If you wish to contribute to the bibliography, particularly in these areas, please send any contributions to Mike Palmquist at Mike.Palmquist@ColoState.edu

Additional Contributor: Maria E. Gigante