The IWAC 2014 Archives

Twelfth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference Archives
University of Minnesota
June 12 to June 14, 2014

"Shifting Currents/Making Waves"

The International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference (IWAC 2014) theme references the lively Mississippi River (a few blocks from our on-campus conference hotel), WAC's history as a progressive pedagogical movement, and its current activity in an era of accelerated change. Among the shifts and waves we will discuss are those occurring in…

  • disciplinary and interdisciplinary discourse communities and conventions
  • location, focus, and pace of WAC, WID, and CAC programming
  • understanding of literacy development and transferability
  • multimodal reading and writing
  • methods used to access and attribute intellectual content (formerly known as reading and citing)
  • current influence of professional writing upon academic writing and writing instruction
  • global languages and translingualism in the writing-enriched classroom
  • course venues, class sizes, and instructor roles triggered by flipped classrooms, e-learning, MOOCs, etc.
  • writing assessment theory and practice
  • approaches to assessing and sustaining WAC, WID, and CAC programming
  • graduate student mentoring and professionalization in WAC

To facilitate constructive discussion of these and other field-relevant shifts we will encourage innovative formatting in IWAC 2014 concurrent sessions and will extend particular welcome to sessions that include interaction and discussion. We enthusiastically encourage proposals for sessions that include instructors from diverse academic disciplines and international settings.

The Twelfth International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference was held in the Commons Hotel on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on June 12 through 14, 2014. The conference was chaired by Pamela Flash and hosted by the University of Minnesota's Writing Across the Curriculum Program, Office of Undergraduate Education, and College of Continuing Education.

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