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WLN Joins the Clearinghouse. The WAC Clearinghouse is pleased to announce that WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship has become a member of the Clearinghouse family of publications. We're delighted to work with the strong editorial team at WLN and its outstanding blog, Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders. You can read the latest issue of WLN (Volume 48, Issue 1) on its new web page along with nearly 400 past issues of the journal, two digital collections, and numerous resources of interest to the writing center and writing studies community. You can view Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders at https://wlnconnect.org

TextGenEd Collection: The WAC Repository, a publication of the WAC Clearinghouse and the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum, is pleased to announce the release of its collection, TextGenEd: Teaching with Text Generation Technologies. Edited by Annette Vee, Tim Laquintano, and Carly Schnitzler, this digital collection addresses Generative AI, perhaps the most influential technology in writing in decades. TextGenEd features 34 undergraduate-level assignments to support students' AI literacy, rhetorical and ethical engagements, creative exploration, and professional writing, along with an Introduction to guide instructors' understanding and their selection of what to emphasize in their courses. Learn more.

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Welcome to the WAC Clearinghouse. We are an open-access publishing collaborative that draws on the contributions of more than 180 scholars from six continents. Our members serve in editorial roles ranging from journal and book series editors and editorial staff members to peer-reviewers and editorial board members. We publish articles and books of interest to both the writing-across-the-curriculum community and the larger writing studies community. We support research on the use of writing to support learning and teaching. And we provide a wide range of web-based resources for instructors who wish to use writing in their courses. You can access our publications, use the CompPile database, and access resources through the following links.

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