2021 CCCC Workshop
Welcome to Redefining the Common Place: Dialogue on Teaching and Learning in International Writing Research

For all participants—both workshop leaders and CCCC participants signed up for the workshop—here are the contributions to read in advance of the workshop. They are organized by groups [see below]. You can view each draft by simply clicking on the shortened title. This will open a pdf-document in a new window that you can read, download or print, and eventually comment on. Note that a title not linked represents a text not yet submitted. You should scan all of the texts once, to get a general sense of them.

Each text includes a description of the institutional context in which the work is occurring, a brief glossary, and a digest of key theorists or theoretical groundings framing the work. Please read these before reading the draft text—they are key to fruitful exchange! Sometimes they can be found at the *end* of the text rather than the beginning.

Once you have read all drafts, select a first and a second choice of text to read in each cluster (except the cluster where your text is read). E.g. if you are in the first cluster [A, B, C, D], you inform us which your first-choice text is for the clusters [E, F,  G, H], [I, J, K, L], [M, N, O, P]. You also pick a second choice of text from each cluster. So, pick six texts in all. 

E-mail your reading choices to Magnus (magusta@chalmers.se) by March 21, 2021.

Once we have the reading preferences from you, we will distribute the reading in the clusters, making sure you get as many first choices as possible but also ensuring all papers get a sufficient number of readers.

When the reading groups are established, we inform each author of their readers along with email addresses and time-zones. You will get your reading schedule on March 22, 2021.

As an author, you are responsible for contacting your readers and setting up a zoom meeting (or any other platform of course) for a reading seminar about your text for about one hour. Please make sure you include Magnus and Tiane (emails below) in your correspondence to your readers. You will get further instructions for these reading seminars in the message on March 22, 2021. 

We suggest you schedule reading seminars between April 6 and 18. You should be involved in four meetings during that time, one you organize and three you attend (just as would have been the case in the day-long workshop). For this exchange to work, you need to commit to attending all four meetings, please.

We will need an asynchronous closing reflection and will set that up as soon as we know when the last reading seminar is done.

Keep in mind that many of these are works in progress—they vary a great deal in length and development. The idea is to share and further our work and thinking through this format. Remember that there will be no formal presentations in this workshop. The bulk of our time together is spent in actual discussion.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions: 

  • Magnus Gustafsson <cmagusta@chalmers.se> 
  • Tiane Donahue <Christiane.k.donahue@dartmouth.edu>

Clusters and Strands for CCCC International Writing Studies Virtual Workshop April 2021

1st cluster of texts

2nd cluster of texts

3rd cluster of texts

4th cluster of texts

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