Detailed Table of Contents


Where Have We Been?

Foundations for WAC

A Period of Rapid Growth

Johnny Can't Write?

WAC at Beaver College

WAC at Michigan Tech

WAC in K-12 Settings

WAC in the Community Colleges

WAC at HBCUs, HSIs, and TCUs

National Seminars on WAC

WAC Scholarship

Connecting to Other Areas of Writing Studies

WAC, Contingency, and Gender

Resistance to WAC

Forming a Community

The (Inter)National WAC Network

The (Inter)National WAC Conferences

Regional WAC Associations

WAC-GO: A WAC Organization for Graduate Students

The Statement of WAC Principles & Practices

The CCCC WAC Standing Group

The Association for Writing Across the Curriculum

Where Are We Going?

WAC as a Force for Change within Writing Studies

WAC as a Force for Change in Disciplines Outside Writing Studies

WAC as a Force for Change in K-12 Education

WAC as a Force for Change in Online Instruction

WAC as a Force for Social Change

Are We There Yet?



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