Regional WAC Associations

A regional WAC Association, the Northeast Writing Across the Curriculum Consortium, began as a meeting of regional WAC Directors at the 2007 Critical Thinking and Writing Conference at Quinnipiac University. One year later, the group adopted a name, codified governance procedures, and agreed on organizational logistics. The following year, they offered their first official workshop, "WAC Program Assessment." The Consortium now has more than 100 members representing all of the New England States as well as New Jersey, New York, and Canada. It holds meetings at the Northeast Writing Centers Association in the spring and at the bi-annual Quinnipiac conference in the fall. They also host regular workshops and a listserv. The benefits of membership include mentoring for those newer to WAC admin, sharing of ideas and initiatives, sharing of approaches to sustaining and building WAC programs, brainstorming to address issues, and creating a community among WAC colleagues. See to learn more about the consortium.

More recently, efforts have been underway to form an Asian-Pacific WAC association (Julia Chen, personal communication, December 5, 2018). As WAC continues to grow, it seems likely that other regional associations will form.