About Across the Disciplines

Across the Disciplines is the result of a merger between two peer-reviewed, academic journals: Language and Learning Across the Disciplines and Academic.Writing. The mission of Academic.Writing, an online journal that was published from 2000 through 2003, was to provide information for - and an opportunity for interaction among - scholars interested in writing, speaking, and otherwise communicating across the curriculum (CAC). Language and Learning Across the Disciplines, a print journal published from 1994 to 2003, was a more traditional journal that focused on writing in the disciplines. In late 2002, when Academic.Writing shifted from being the "container" for the WAC Clearinghouse and became, instead, one of the publications available on the newer WAC Clearinghouse Web site, the scope of the journal shifted from a repository of all forms of information about communication across the curriculum to a more standard academic journal. Language and Learning Across the Disciplines and Academic.Writing are available in the ATD archives.

Like Language and Learning Across the Disciplines, Across the Disciplines provides CAC researchers, program designers, and teachers interested in using communication assignments and activities in their courses with a venue for scholarly debate about issues of disciplinarity and writing across the curriculum. ATD also preserves the broader commitment to cross-disciplinary emphases in writing studies that characterized Academic.Writing. As was the case with Academic.Writing, ATD eschews the conventional volume/issue format of print and many online journals. Instead, ATD will continue to function as an evolving, growing document (or, more accurately, a collection of documents) on the Web. As such, articles and other materials will be published as they are accepted. At regular intervals, we will make announcements about new materials in the journal.

The editorial board of ATD is a working board that regularly reviews submissions to the journal. For more information about our editorial staff and editorial review board, please view our editorial staff and board page.